How Does A Split Air Conditioning System Works?

Split Air Conditioning System

Though it is simple only when you go with the sequence, we are to talk about residential air conditioning systems and work. Yes, you caught it right; the primary focus of this article is on Residential Heating and Air Conditioning in Santa Rosa. Nowadays, people choose split air conditioners, which are the best alternative to window air conditioners. A split air conditioning system keeps a standard-sized room cool and doesn’t need any trough installation of high expenses.

The Major Difference Between The Split And The Packages Unit

The major difference we can see in their construction

Packaged Unit: it holds all the components into a single cabinet, such as the thermostat, compressor, condenser, and evaporator.

Split Unit: it is a space-saver unit and also easy to install. You can also install it anywhere in your room or basement as well.

Packaged Unit: It consumes more energy power

Split Unit: It consumes less power, and also, some of the split system brands are now offering invertor–friendly AC.

System Components

The split system has two primary parts, the evaporator, and the condenser. Both the components are present in the wall-shaped and the center of the unit. But the two major components are separated physically; the compressor is the outdoor unit, and it starts the cooling procedure, while the evaporator is the inside Unit with the fan. Some electrical wires and tubes (known as lines) connect the outdoor and indoor sections to transfer the air between the two components. The lines are the reason why split-type AC unit is regarded as ductless.

Basics of Split AC System That You Must Know

The best thing about a split AC system is that it doesn’t need any ductwork, which on the other hand, also lowers energy consumption. However, we have observed that many people face difficulty using Split-type AC because they don’t have any idea about how the split AC functions, how feasible it is, and what makes it the best alternative to traditional residential air conditioning systems. Need not worry; we are here with some very easy points to understand the split AC system in-depth.

  • Let’s start with the outdoor unit of the split system, which carries the refrigerant that is gas pressurized into the compressor. And the conditioning unit holds several tubes and ducts via which the gas pass, which condenses into the liquid form.
  • The already formed liquid passes via the expansion joint, converts into the gaseous state, and releases a good amount of heat later.
  • Now, the resultant gas starts to cool the air at a very low temperature and is thus called a refrigerant.
  • It is a cyclic procedure that goes on as the gas flows back to the compressor.
  • The air conditioning unit carries the thermostat, which controls the temperature and allows the air to remain in the evaporated area until the desired cooling is obtained, and later, it blows into the room.

Hence, your split system sucks in the warm outer air and decreases its temperature before blowing it into the room. Then the room moisture condenses into the procedure, and the outdoor Unit removes it via the drain pipe.

NOTE: If your room doesn’t get the proper cooling, that means there is something wrong with the condenser unit, for which you can always contact Heating and Air Conditioning Santa Rosa experts.


If you want to understand the functions of your split system air conditioner in detail, then step ahead and talk to our experts. The professionals are experienced and qualified; also, they have proper knowledge, and they will give you an inside look into the working of the AC. So anytime, feel free to get in touch with the experts for your residential air conditioning queries. Our team has verified experts who give instant troubleshooting solutions to the users regarding their queries.