How To Answer: “Why Should We Hire You?”

How To Answer: “Why Should We Hire You?”

“Why should we hire you?”

“I am graduated from a reputed institute with distinction.”

“Yes, I can see that on your resume. But why should we hire you?”

“I hold certifications and qualifications that this job role requires.”

“Okay, but why should we hire you? What do you have that other candidates don’t?”

“I have a huge family to feed, and I got no money in my bank account.”

You must have seen this viral video on social media and even laughed at the situation while sympathizing with the candidate. As much as this video put forth the pain point of the working class, it also highlighted the important part of the recruitment procedure that every one of us has to face these days during the interviews.

But why do the recruiters ask, “why should we hire you?”

Remember, management wants to hire a talent that solves their problems, whether it’s improving sales and marketing, managing the team efficiently, or streamlining processes. So when the recruiter asks. By asking this question, they want to know how you can help the company achieve its business goals.

So, how should you answer this question?

For freshers, “why should we hire you” puts extra pressure. Some get confused with the question while some feel nervous, “what if they answered wrong?” Well, let’s address this elephant in the room first. There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. This requires your interpersonal intelligence.

When you make a pitch, your goal should be to show how are the best person fits this role and solve the respective problem.

How to answer “why should we hire you?”

As soon as you hear this question, don’t feel panicked or overwhelmed. It’s a part of the recruiting process, and like other questions asked during the interview, you can prepare for this question. Let’s see how.

Tips to prepare your best answer
  • Show how you can add value

When you say you have great speaking skills, you must have depicted this somewhere or used it to solve a certain problem. So, for every strength or qualification, you mention in your resume or during the interview, think of the time or situation where you used these traits to solve a problem or achieve a certain goal.

Moreover, also mention other skills you possess that could add extra value. This could be any of your experiences, personal, professional, or volunteer.

  • Keep your answer short and to-the-point

Depending on your years of experience or the responsibilities you handled, even in the short time frame, you could have a list of skills developed. So, should you talk about all of them? Well, it’s a strict ‘no.’ Your resume or CV already speaks about other skills you possess.

In your answer to “why should we hire you,” only include the skills and experiences relevant to the job role and its requirement.

  • Tell a story

Who doesn’t like to hear a good story? Even your hiring manager will love to hear more about your career adventure if you portray it in a story. Take one of your relevant skills or qualifications and illustrate through a story how you have used them at work to solve a problem.

Keep it short, though. Remember, the recruiter wants to know how you can fit the job role and their company. And your job in the interview is to convince them with your skills and previous work experiences how you can fulfill their need.

Final piece of advice

Don’t make it about you and what you are looking for in your next job role. Focus on the key strengths and your qualifications that can fulfill the job.

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