How to Attract and Keep Great Employees in Your Organization

How to Attract and Keep Great Employees in Your Organization

If you thought finding and keeping great employees was difficult now, wait until most of the baby boomers have entered retirement age. The pool of talent is getting narrower by the day, and you’ll need to work even harder to find talent, especially in rare skill positions. If you’re getting concerned about recruitment, then there are things that you can do, but you have to be consistent in your effort and make yourself as attractive as you can as an employer. Let’s take a look at how you can find and maintain top-level employees in your organization.

Treat Your Senior Employees Like Gold

You might be asking yourself what treating your senior employees well has to do with retaining or attracting talent but hear us out. Old employees who love their organization will often become advocates for it whether it’s consciously or unconsciously. They will contribute to your employer brand and will make you more attractive to new candidates.

Old employees are also those who will guide new hires when they first get on the floor. Having lots of experienced and fulfilled older employees will make onboarding much easier. Experienced employees on the floor leads to less confusion for everyone, and a much more pleasant working environment. All of this will allow you to keep much more of your hires.

Update Your Benefits Program

If you have an old benefits program and you haven’t made improvements to it lately, you need to start looking at new trends. You also have to look at what your competition is doing. If you’re giving your employees the bare minimum while the competition offer rewards on everything from shopping to discounts and special deals with service providers that are not related only to healthcare, then you can expect a lot of your employees to either go or overlook you as an employer.

One of the things we suggest you do right now is set up an incentives program and offer discounts to your employees on certain products that will benefit you and them. Some companies will offer benefits cards to their employees that will give them discounts on specific wellness and health products, for instance. This is something you could tie into your wellness program, and all of this will benefit retention rates. If you’d like to provide this kind of perk to your employees, check out this prepaid benefits card provider.

Hire an Outsourced HR Service

Another thing we would suggest you do is that you hire an outsourced HR service right now if you’re handling recruitment all by yourself. If you’re a small or medium organization, not only are you probably overspending on your HR department but you probably have huge skill gaps there.

Working with a team will allow you to get access to a team of experts that have been in the business for years. They will expertly craft job listings for you, help you with interviews and background checks, training and onboarding, and more. So, consider hiring an outside team if you constantly seem to attract the wrong type of employee.

These are all things that will allow you to boost your retention rates. The most important part is making sure that your employees are happy and that the working conditions and benefits you offer are on par with the rest of your industry.