How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Sydney

How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Sydney
How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Sydney

For fantastic New Year’s Eve celebrations, there’s no city better than Sydney! The iconic Harbour, city skyline and countless stunning natural features make Sydney the number one place to ring in the New Year, not to mention the world-famous fireworks display! If you’re a local Sydneysider or you’re just visiting the city over the festive season, then you’ve got your choice cut out for you when it comes to finding a way to spend the final night of the year. Read on for a few amazing ideas for making the most out of the end of your year…

Head out on the harbour

Is there anywhere else you rather be on New Year’s Eve than on the harbour? Didn’t think so! Sydney’s iconic harbour is the hub of all the fun, excitement and festivities – and there is no better way to experience all that, and more, than out on a Harbour bound New Year’s Eve cruise at Australia! You’ll float on the water with the incredible scenery stretched behind you, the Opera House right next to you and the mighty Harbour Bridge front and centre! Clamber aboard to soak up the atmosphere and get the best seat imaginable for both the 9 o’clock and the midnight firework displays. You’ll skip out on the stress of finding a viewpoint and getting home by missing the busiest travel times entirely, who would have thought that a fuss-free New Year’s was even possible! Whilst onboard, you’ll be able to tuck into a delicious dinner, sip a beverage from the bar and enjoy socialising, dancing and relaxing on deck. A harbour cruise is an ultimate way to treat yourself, it’s a night that you’ll never forget!

Set up for a picnic

Picnics are the perfect way of putting together a low key New Year’s that’s still in amongst some action but in the most relaxed way possible. Head to your local beach or park and set up a spread of nibbles, drinks and games to enjoy a chilled out New Year’s Eve with close friends and family. This is particularly good for families with younger children who want to skip out on the hustle and bustle of the most hectic night of the year. Make sure that you come prepared with plenty of supplies!

Get to the gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens has an awful lot to offer in the way of New Year’s Eve events, so if you’re looking for the perfect balance between action and ease then you should definitely look at what they’ve got going on this year! Celebrate the occasion with an exciting festival ticket, dinner underneath the stars or a luxury picnic with a picture-perfect view of the fireworks. There is plenty of music, food and social events going on, so head to their site to check out what’s going to work best for you and your plans.

Book in at Taronga Zoo

If you fancy spending the last night of the year around some furry creatures, then why not book in for a spot at the iconic Sydney Taronga Zoo? You’ll enjoy amazing catering, cocktails and world-class views of the big show all inside of this incredible venue. Again, this is a great method of enjoying New Year’s in a breathable, comfortable manner that’s traffic, bustle and fuss-free. You should book in early to nab your spot because this one tends to fill up very quickly.

Flock to a viewpoint

Just looking for a simple way of kicking back with a few drinks and watching this year’s fireworks? Easy, just flock to one of the many viewpoints across Sydney! There are so many different locations that offer awesome views of the fireworks, including Blue’s Point, Cremorne Point, Bradleys Head and Watson’s Bay. Pack some snacks, plenty of water, drinks and a towel or blanket for a chilled out start to the New Year that’s still full of action, fun and atmosphere!

How will you ring in the New Year this coming festive season?