How To Choose An Oven For The Kitchen?

How to choose an oven for the kitchen?
How to choose an oven for the kitchen?

Appetizing pastries, roasts, casseroles for cooking require the presence of an oven in the kitchen. Standard cooking equipment will not cope with the task. The lack of uniform heating of the entire object interferes with obtaining the desired effect on a conventional burner. If the oven is excluded from the design of the stove, the operation of the existing model is ineffective, then you need to buy a separate device. Convenient option: electric stove sample. For the right purchase, it is useful to know how to choose an oven. It is permissible to consider the gas option. Real chefs advise focusing on the built-in analog powered by electricity.

Together or separate from the hob: which is preferable?

The standard cooking plate is acceptable as a stand-alone item. The hob without connecting to the oven is surprisingly compact. The device can be installed in any convenient place, without paying attention to the inconvenient dimensions. You can select a different number of cooking zones. Combined models rarely have a variety of parameters.

Individual ovens have a convenient advantage: the box can actually be placed at eye level. This arrangement will provide comfortable control over what is happening inside the device. In a modern interior, it is popular to build an element together with a microwave, refrigerator in a separate pencil case. It will turn out to choose an oven with a set of necessary functions. If the need arises, the oven cabinet or the stove can always be changed separately.

A kitchen with combined cooking appliances looks more familiar. Which device option is chosen is not important. Constructive dependence is permissible, as in Soviet plates. The hob and oven can be combined into a common unit at will. It is necessary to clarify such a solution based on technical capabilities. The choice is limited by the type of construction. The compatibility of a gas top with an electric bottom is rare.


Gas or electric oven: which one to choose?

Young housewives often do not know which oven is better. Real chefs will no doubt say that the electric model is preferable. This choice is simply justified by a number of advantages of the option:



The absence of open fire, gas is the priority side of the electric model. The flame does not run the risk of spreading from careless handling to neighboring objects, there is no dangerous volatile fuel.



Most modern electric type models are equipped with various options to make cooking easier. Convection, grill, brazier: everything comes in handy.


Warm-up uniformity

Many do not understand how the oven differs from the oven. In the standard gas model, heat comes from the side of the fire. Warming up is uneven. There is a high probability of scorching the dish from below, underbaking from above, inside. In electric ovens, heat is supplied from different directions, ensuring even cooking.

It is easy to cook several dishes at the same time in an electric oven. Additional functionality prevents odors from mixing. Uniform heating ensures a result with a decent quality for every dish. In a classic gas oven, this kind of success is almost impossible.

Electric models: which are better?

The version of the oven powered by electricity is often chosen even by owners of gas stoves. Such models of stoves are more functional, more practical. Manufacturers supplement the devices with various features that facilitate cooking and everyday life. Built-in electric oven which is better for everyone to understand. The desire to cook, pamper the family and guests with uncommon food depends on a reasoned choice.


Dimension estimation

Some standard countertop ovens is a box of a shape close to a square. The length of either side of the cube is approximately 60 cm. You don’t have to think about which volume of the oven better. A specimen for the average family. If there is enough space in the kitchen, it is not supposed to cook “masterpieces”, then the option is successful.

For a small kitchen, like in a Khrushchev or a studio, it is better to prefer a compact stove model. On sale are narrow options with a width of no more than 45 cm.It will turn out to find options with a small height. Low stoves (up to 55 cm) are usually endowed with a microwave function. Little “helpers” are ideal for tight spaces, small families.

High ovens (up to 90 cm) are good for lovers of culinary art. Such stoves usually have a pair of chambers, allow you to experiment, cook in large volumes. This option will be appreciated by large families, hospitable hosts. Do not forget that a massive thing will have to find a place. This is difficult to do in a small apartment.

Advice! A reasonable choice of oven size will help to make a centimeter tape. It is recommended to first measure the location of the proposed location of the stove. It will not be superfluous to evaluate the dimensions of existing baking dishes.


Additional functions

Many people doubt how to choose the right electric oven. Most often, you have to think about the need for additional functions. Modern products include not only grates, baking trays. The healthy filling makes cooking easier. There are the following constructive additions:


Convection function

The essence of the beneficial effect is the constant movement of air by the fan. The process helps to distribute heat evenly. Regular circulation of air masses will facilitate obtaining a uniform result. With convection, it is easy to defrost food, grill, bake fatty meats, baked goods. The disadvantage may be increased dryness of the result.


Self-cleaning capability

When cleaning, you don’t have to make every effort. The electric oven is cleaned during use or in a special mode. You only have to manually wipe the surface with a damp cloth, wash the contents (racks, baking sheets) according to the standard principle.


Safe door

The essence of the function is not only in the manufacture of a part from a durable hardened material. Additional processing of the element keeps heat within the walls of the oven. Outside, the structure simply does not heat up. It immediately becomes clear which oven is better to buy.

Not all models have additional functionality. When choosing an option, you must focus on your own needs. Each additional opportunity increases the price. Most of the “bells and whistles” run the risk of being unused.