How To Choose The Best Psychologist For Child

How To Choose The Best Psychologist For Child

Are you trying to find a good child psychologist? When it came to locating any other mental health professional, of course, you need to ensure that you get the very best, right therapist for your needs? However, when it comes to locating someone who can work with your kid, you often feel even more apprehensive, and more protective. After all, the one you are leaving in charge of your kid’s well-being could be anything from a complete stranger to a sexual predator – so you obviously want to work with someone whom you can trust. Here are some tips on how to choose the best child psychologists:

Ask Your Peers

A great way to learn how to choose the best child psychologists is by asking your colleagues and family members about their recommendations. Ask them about their child psychology professionals that they recommend, and ask them why they hired them. You can also try asking other people whose kids are in therapy with said professionals. It would be best if you can check the background of the child psychology professionals you are eyeing before you hire them since there are always some suspicious characters lurking in the shadows that you cannot see with the naked eye.

Do Research

The best way to find out about child psychologists is through conducting research online. There are lots of websites online that offer free evaluations of child psychologists, so you can definitely find the one that will fit your needs.

Check Their Qualifications

The best child psychologists should be a graduate of an accredited school of psychology, as well as have at least five years worth of experience in child counseling. Aside from that, they must have at least three years’ worth of training and supervision from a licensed therapist. In addition to that, a professional Guidance Counselor must pass an evaluation or written assessment from the American Psychological Association or the National Association of School Psychologists.

Do A Group Therapy

If you prefer group therapy, then you might want to consider working with child psychologists who belong to a professional organization, such as the American Psychological Association. These types of groups are particularly helpful for child anxiety issues. Besides that, therapy with other children is also very beneficial. When choosing a child psychologist, make sure that he or she belongs to a professional group, has plenty of references, and is a member of the organization.

Do FamilyTherapy

Although it is best to work with a child who is at least four years old, some kids may be able to participate in family therapy. Before you finalize on the best professional to work with, check their credentials first and get feedback from family and friends.

Consult With More Than One Therapist

Working with more than one therapist will give you the option of finding the best-suited therapist for your needs. You can ask different therapists for their opinion on what type of therapist you need. Different therapists have different types of styles when it comes to working with children. So you may want someone who uses a calm manner in dealing with children or you may want someone who is more extroverted and open-minded.

Group And Family Therapy

If you are working with a therapist, it is best to group therapy. However, keep in mind that you only need one therapist to work with the child. If the family therapy seems more convenient and is within your schedule, then you can avail of this type of therapy. Keep in mind that a family therapy session may require you to take time out from work or other family responsibilities so be sure that you can adjust this kind of therapy into your schedule.

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