How To Compete In Organic Search Against Large Authority Sites?

How To Compete In Organic Search Against Large Authority Sites?

Small businesses have always found it difficult to compete with large conglomerates regarding organic search and gain good rankings. As a result, many often think it is impossible to beat large companies to gain the top spot. But we are here to tell you that you can get guaranteed page one ranking in the UK search engines – only if you know the right tactics!

Wish to know more? Then read on as we discuss five fool-proof tips to compete with big authority websites regarding organic search results. But first, let us discuss certain small business advantages that you can use in this regard.

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Small Website Advantages

. Creativity

As a small business, you are free to play with creativity. You can come up with creative marketing ideas or products, and there is no one to stop you!

. Niche Appeal

As a small business, you can focus on niche appeal. You don’t have to be great at everything. Just find the one thing that can click with your audience and make it the best in the market.

. Focus

You get to focus on anything you want. If you think you need to focus on just your SEO for a week to get guaranteed page one ranking in the UK search engines, you are free to do so!

. Authenticity

Lastly, as a small business, you will have authenticity on your side. You can have positive associations with a smaller crowd to work with and make a customer base out of.

4 Tips To Compete With Large Authority Websites

1. Use The Target Keywords They Don’t Use

Now SEO is all about keywords. So to ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors, you have to use the target keywords they have abandoned. You can use long-tail, comparison, and editorial keywords for the best results.

2. Build One On One Customer Relationships

You can build one on one customer relationships that a large website can never do. If you are on better terms with your customer, they will keep choosing you over and over again. Not just that, they will recommend your website to others and thus enhance your website’s organic traffic!

3. Aim For Brand Association And Authority On A Specific Niche

As we discussed before, you can focus on a specific niche as a small business. So we suggest aiming for brand association and authority on that particular niche! Make sure you include well-informed, back-linked content to become the best website on the particular subject. It can help improve your rankings considerably.

4. Provide Some Meaning To Your Content

Lastly, when you include content in your blog, give some meaning to it. For example, if your content has good information and is interesting to read, Google will give it better ranks based on readability. This way, you can stay ahead of your competitors on the search engine pages.


Being a small business does not mean being at a complete disadvantage. However, you have to know which advantages to improve your sales. So contact our team and get guaranteed page one ranking in the UK search engines. All the best!