How To Create the Perfect Design for Custom Jigsaw Puzzles?

Custom Jigsaw Puzzles
Photo by Dmitry Demidov from Pexels

Customers often prefer brands that make them feel like they are heard, understood, and care about their preferences. The same is true in choosing our favorite pastimes and learning habits.

Any time of year, Dowdle’s custom jigsaw puzzles are a terrific way to spend quality time with yourself, your family and friends. But, of course, while brands offer customization, they can only do so much if customers aren’t sure of their design.

Whether you’re new to puzzles or a seasoned pro, we’ve got some pointers to help you select the best photographs and designs to build your jigsaw puzzle.

Pick A Theme for Your Puzzle

We enjoy deciding on a theme for our puzzles. But with many pictures to choose from, we may end up going for a photo with less significance than we expected. So, you should consider why you’re customizing a puzzle in the first place.

For instance, puzzles make great gifts for kid’s birthdays or wedding anniversaries. In such cases, you should include a photo related to the occasion, which holds great value and purpose for the person solving it.

You can also choose a family-themed photo collage with images from over the years. Dowdle’s custom jigsaw puzzles not only serve as a unique experience but also as a piece remembering notable events in your life.

Consider the Photo Composition

The difficulty of your puzzle is determined by the image you chose. After considering the theme for your puzzle, now you’re setting up the difficulty of each piece. Putting together more complex visuals is more difficult than putting together simple images.

Beginner puzzlers should choose a portrait-style photo, such as a family photo. Advanced puzzlers should try a more difficult puzzle, such as a landscape shot from a recent vacation.

Remember to use images with vivid colors and sharp shapes to ensure that the puzzle is clear and simple to assemble.

Aim for The Best Photo Resolution 

Well, it’s easy to nit-pick a random photo on our gallery and paste it on the puzzle. But, don’t settle for less when picking images and go for something with good quality.

As most of our shared photos on social media, choosing high-resolution images is a great way to exhibit definite presentations. It gives viewers clarity and produces the best puzzle outcome.

Using high-resolution pictures will make your photos sharp and clear when printed on the puzzle. As a result, it’ll be easier to put together the jigsaw pieces.

However, if you have a preferred photo on low-resolution, you can opt-in on a photo enhancer tool to attain your desired quality. It’s also suggested to contact Dowdle’s customer support for more information on how to enhance your photo.

Determine the Quantity and Features of Photos

You can make your puzzle out of a single photo from your engagement shoot, or you can use photo collage layouts to include many photos.

Adding additional photographs to a collage gives your puzzle a fascinating new challenge! You may make your picture puzzle one-of-a-kind by adding text, embellishments, and backdrop patterns to it.

Puzzles are a fun pastime for families to do together on game night. You can also leave your puzzle on the dining room table for family members to solve during the day.

Indeed, custom jigsaw puzzles are rewarding in their own space and what better way to solve it than perfectly designing them yourself.


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