How To Invest In Cryptocurrency

How To Invest In Cryptocurrency

A great way to invest in cryptocurrency and create a retirement portfolio from your trading endeavors is to use a self-managed super fund that supports these assets. Hundreds of people are already getting into cryptocurrency self managed super fund investing as a way to keep hold of their profits, retain low fees, and invest in various forms of currency based on market trends.

If you are looking to make long-term investments in cryptocurrency, then a self-managed super fund is the best way to go due to the low fees and low tax rates they afford.

Where To Open An SMSF?

Hundreds of people are already using Swyftx for their cryptocurrency self-managed super fund investing, making it a great option for all traders.

When you open an SMSF through this exchange platform, you will have access to some of the lowest tax rates in the market. Swyftx operates under the current SMSF regulations, which means that their investment funds of this kind have an income tax rate of only 15%.

Long-term gains in an SMSF are taxed at only 10%, making this kind of investment fund the best for those who are looking to prolong their profits from cryptocurrency trading.

Swyftx allows for the long-term store of value and can help you create a retirement portfolio using Bitcoin and other supported digital assets. This can be a great strategy to hedge against traditional markets and can be more profitable in the long run, which is why you should consider opening an SMSF with Swyftx.

How To Open An Investment Fund

Opening an SMSF is a popular option for investors who are using Bitcoin and other digital assets, which is why you may be interested in doing so too.

The online exchange platform Swyftx is now offering a valuable solution for long-term investors and has an exclusive partnership with New Brighton Captial that can allow crypto traders to start a retirement portfolio. With their SMSFs, traders can allocate cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to a retirement portfolio where long-term value is stored.

To open an SMSF with Swyftx, traders will need to first fill out a form with an SMSF provider. At Swyftx, this provider is New Brighton Capital, and you can fill out a form to open an account with them.

Once this form has been completed, traders will need to wait for approval from the ATO before they can begin investing this way.

Some additional steps will need to be completed once approval has been granted, such as opening an SMSF with a secure portal and creating a bank account that can be used for this kind of investment.

This is a process that can be completed through Swyftx, and you can learn more about SMSF cryptocurrency investing at their website.

There are some great benefits that can come with opening a self-managed super fund for cryptocurrency, and this is a process best suited to long-term investors.

Learn more about this kind of investment at Swyftx’s partner website.


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