How to Keep a House Clean: 5 Simple Tips

How to Keep a House Clean: 5 Simple Tips

Keeping a house tidy is a war of a thousand small cuts. Everything that gets picked up or put down adds to one side of the battle.

Enlisting all hands is a key factor in how to keep a house clean. Many hands, light work, also something about personal responsibility.

Of course, family members don’t often see cleaning as a duty or understand how a mess accumulates.

The following tips are built around small actions that add up to a better, cleaner space.

1. Work the Kitchen

Cooking in the kitchen often takes a certain amount of running around, monitoring pots, and considering counter space.

Since you’re there anyway, doing the dishes and wiping down surfaces as you go just makes sense.

Remember that cooking comes first, watch delicate dishes carefully, but if something is baking or boiling, there’s no reason no to use the time to get things picked up.

With all the prep work already in the dishwasher (or clean as you go) it’s easy to call the day over when the meal is complete.

2. Laundry by the Load

This contains two home cleaning tips, really, because you also need the household to put in some small effort to sort laundry as they go. Rather than a full hamper, smaller individual bins for each type of laundry item streamline the process and help the family consider their laundry burden.

Washers and dryers do their work without supervision. It is the benefit of the modern age of machines. Run them throughout the day except for the morning and evening, where water use and noise issues are at a premium.

3. Practice A.B.C.

It isn’t much, but if you practice A.B.C. (Always Be Carrying) clutter will dissipate. Whenever you leave a room, take anything that doesn’t belong there with you.

Take the empty box to the garage to break it down later, take cups back to the kitchen, take blankets back to beds or closets.

Clutter accumulates because it is left around, with A.B.C. there is no ‘left around’. There’s a set of fundamental mental health benefits that come with decluttering as well.

4. Wipe it When You See it

No clever acronym here, but most messes get gunkier over time. If you wipe up a spill or a splotch when you first see it, it will be easier to clean than when you get back to it.

Most spills occur when cooking and eating, so the advice from tip 1 comes into play.

5. Clean the Traffic Jams

For the most part, houses are self-contained units where most of the dirt comes from the person occupying the space. There are only a few select avenues by which new filth enters the home.

Look into cleaning services to deep clean these areas periodically.

These high-traffic areas tend to be entryways and the hallways connecting them to the main rooms. Concentrating efforts on keeping these spaces clean reduces the work in the rest of the house.

How to Keep a House Clean?

Don’t let these tips fool you, when it comes to how to keep a house clean, the answer is constant work. This divvies out the constant work in a way that you might get some others to help with but it all adds up.

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