How To Keep Your Employees Happy And Engaged

How To Keep Your Employees Happy And Engaged

When you are an office manager, it can be hard to keep those who work for you engaged and happy with what they are doing, especially if they have recently returned to the office following working at home.

While most people would advise the best way to keep employees happy would be to offer them a raise, there are many alternatives that can help to keep those who work for you engaged in what they are doing without spending additional money on their salaries.

So, what are some top tips for keeping your employees content in the workplace? Read on

to find out.

Check In Regularly 

Checking in with your staff regularly ensures you have a better idea of what is working for your employees and where improvement needs to be made to boost their happiness. This does not have to be in person, though, and this is important to remember if you have staff who also work from home. There are many questionnaires and staff satisfaction surveys that can be completed online which is ideal for remote workers and are downloadable with employee survey software. This will help you to keep track of your staff and will also track their engagement levels and their well-being.

Better Work-Life Balance

The majority of workers want a better work-life balance, and as their manager or employer, it is your job to ensure that work does not become their entire life. You will want your staff to feel connected to the organization, but you also want them to end their shift without thinking about work or feeling that they are still on call, so to speak. That also means not calling them when they have days off or taking vacation days.


You want to be able to address employee concerns but what you do after this is crucial to the retention of your staff. You need to communicate openly and be transparent about how you intend to settle certain issues in the office and inform your staff if you are struggling with managing an issue that has been put in front of you. This will break down the divide between you and your team and will also make you appear more human. But you should always aim to work on resolving any issues that have been highlighted by your team, as this will reduce resentment.

Positive Work Environment

A positive work environment sounds easy on paper, but in the real world, it can be a lot harder to create. You will want to keep your staff engaged with your company, and you will also need to ensure that they feel heard and that any accomplishments or achievements that they make are publicly acknowledged. This will help them to feel appreciated but try not to go overboard with it!

Say Thank You

It sounds so simple, but manners in the workplace make for a more engaged and happier workforce. So, if you have staff members that are doing well, say thank you to them. Do not assume that they have the capacity to take on more work without asking them. Also, the magic word, please, never goes a miss when you are trying to make your staff feel important and appreciated!