How to Live a Long Healthy Life

How to Live a Long Healthy Life

The first essential step towards maintaining good overall health is through preventive care. This care lowers your risk of developing chronic conditions. Dr. Marcelo Brito is a qualified specialist offering affordable yet effective preventive medical care for you as an individual and your loved ones. The doctor works alongside a team that focuses on giving you the best care to manage chronic conditions and perform physical and wellness exams for women and men.

What is preventive medicine?

Preventive medicine works to prevent diseases long before they can occur. Preventive medicine aims to protect, promote and maintain a person’s health and well-being and prevent diseases, disabilities, and death. This branch of medicine may be vital in detecting chronic illnesses such as heart conditions and diabetes, thus promoting good health among individuals. You can also practice healthy habits to maintain your overall well-being, including exercising regularly, avoiding smoking, and eating well. There are three subspecialties in preventive medicine, and they include:

  •                     Aerospace medicine

It focuses on people’s safety and general health in air and space travel by preventing injuries from several environmental factors.

  •                     Occupational medicine

This specialty focuses on workers by preventing possible injuries, disabilities, and deaths.

  •                     Public health

Public health seeks to promote the well-being and health of the larger population.

What are the available services of preventive medicine?

You can benefit from several preventive medicine services at Lakepointe Primary Care facility. They may include:

  •                     Women’s health exam

You may need to monitor your health regularly as a woman to help find health problems like breast and uterine cancers or HPV testing. There are tests your gynecologist may recommend during your visit for wellness exams, and they may include:

    Pap smear

This test checks the likelihood of cervical cancer and is the first step toward stopping the possibility of cervical cancer. Your doctor can also combine a pap smear with testing for HPV.

    Pelvic exam

This exam focuses on evaluating your reproductive organs and checks for any unusual discharge from your vagina or pelvic pain. You can have a pelvic exam when your doctor conducts a Pap smear.

    Breast exam

The test seeks to identify abnormalities in your breast that may lead to breast cancer.

  •                     Men’s health exam

Preventive medicine is also recommended for men to check for various conditions that could be medical concerns in the future. Your doctor can do the following:

    Screening for Prostate cancer

This testing checks for any detectable signs of prostate cancer which will present a good chance of starting early treatment.

    Abdominal aortic aneurysm

You may get a test for this condition if you have smoked cigarettes exceeding 100. The condition arises when the aorta ruptures, thus presenting a life-threatening condition.

  •                     Physical exams

This test checks for your overall wellness and ensures you are keeping healthy routines. The exams can check blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. After your exams, your doctor can recommend treatments and necessary lifestyle changes.

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