Top Ideas On How To Make Your Bedroom More Inviting For Better Sleep At Night

Top Ideas On How To Make Your Bedroom More Inviting For Better Sleep At Night
Top Ideas On How To Make Your Bedroom More Inviting For Better Sleep At Night

There are several reasons why you may be finding it hard getting quality sleep. One of the main culprits of lack of sleep is maintaining a poor bedroom setting. To get proper sleep, you must start by ensuring that your bedroom is welcoming, clean and hygienic as well as serene.

Luckily, there are certain things you can do to ensure that you maintain a bedroom set that encourages you to fall asleep the moment you get in bed. This article will discuss the top ideas on how you can maintain a better bedroom.

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1. Keep Your Room Dark When Sleeping

You may find it easier to wind down if you ensure that your bedroom is dark when going to bed. You can block off excess light in your bedroom by wearing an eye mask, installing heavy window blinds or adding by adding an additional window cover/curtain.

2. Keep The Temperature Levels In Your Bedroom At An Optimal Level

If your room is either too cold or too hot, you may find it hard finding sleep when you go to bed. Ideally, you should maintain an ambient temperature in your bedroom. We advise that you maintain temperatures of between 16-18 degrees Celsius or 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Maintain A Tidy Bedroom

A cluttered room usually means a cluttered mind. By clearing your room, you will also be de-cluttering your mind making it easier to find sleep. You can make your bedroom tidier by carrying out simple tasks such as arranging the items in the room and moving items that you do not really need in your bedroom to other spaces in your residence.

4. Avoid Using Technological Gadgets In Your Bedroom

If you have items such as computers if a TV in your bedroom, you are likely to get distracted when trying to drift off. You can make it easier to nod off by getting rid of technological gadgets that can be distracting in your bedroom allowing you to wind down faster when you get into bed.

5. Shut Down All LED Displays When Going To Bed

The light from LED displays such as digital clocks, phones or tablets can be especially distracting when you are trying to shut your eyes and get some quality sleep. When stepping into bed, ensure you can are more likely to invite sleep more quickly if you shut down all the gadgets with LED displays in your bedroom.

6. Only Use Your Bedroom For Bedroom Related Activities

You can condition your mind to get into sleep mode if you only use the room for sleep and bedroom activities such as sex only. This means that you should not use this part of your residence for tasks such as work, eating or watching movies.

7. Make Your Bedroom More Serene and Inviting

Giving your bedroom a more peaceful atmosphere can help you fall asleep more quickly and easily. To make this part of your house more serene, consider adding some family photographs, putting up some potted plants and flowers or even hanging ornaments which make you feel more at peace. Most importantly make sure your bed is inviting, read these Costco mattress reviews and consider an upgrade.

8. Paint Your Bedroom With The Right Shades Of Colour

When sprucing up your bedroom, avoid using certain shades of colour that can be harsh on your eyes. Bright colours such as yellow and red can be jarring making it harder to find sleep while other colours such as grey can make your room feel drab and unappealing. For the best effect, you should consider decorating your bedroom with muted shades of colour that are soft on your eyes.