How to Manage Opiate Addiction through Suboxone Treatment

How to Manage Opiate Addiction through Suboxone Treatment

Addiction to opioids like heroin and morphine can affect your health and performance. You can miss school or work commitments because you are busy getting high, which can cost you your friends and even your life. Alpharetta GA suboxone management will provide ways to help you ease your withdrawal symptoms.

The treatment works by giving you a controlled high that does not cause the symptom of typical opioids or hard drugs.

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What is suboxone?

Suboxone is a medication that doctors use to fight opioid addiction and dependence. It contains substances like buprenorphine and naloxone, which grant your need for getting high and block the opioid receptors in your brain.

Who needs the treatment?

You can benefit from suboxone treatment if you have a substance dependence disorder, especially if you are addicted to opioids or prescription painkillers due to chronic pain. Once you are undergoing treatment, your doctor will discourage using suboxone with other drugs or stimulants, or alcohol.

The process of suboxone treatment

Before you begin your treatment, you must be in the withdrawal stage. You can reach the withdrawal stage by not taking opioids for the last 12-24 hours. The early stages of withdrawal offer the most effective and safest window to administer the initial dose of suboxone treatment.

Step 1: Evaluation

During your initial visits, your specialist will evaluate your symptoms and discuss your needs. After the thorough assessment, your doctor will explain the suboxone treatment in detail. If you have any questions, you can ask before the treatment process can begin.

Step 2: Induction and maintenance

Your doctor will introduce the treatment through highly-supervised doses of the medication. They will observe your response and tweak it whenever necessary until you have no withdrawal symptoms. The suboxone treatment will prevent withdrawal symptoms because it blocks your brain’s receptors of opioids.

Once you don’t exhibit withdrawal symptoms and your doctors are certain of your dosage needs, they will have you maintain that dosage while helping you recover. The length of your treatment will depend on you and your physician. It can last for months or years, depending on your progress.

Step 3: Supervised withdrawal

Supervised withdrawal involves gradually taking you off the suboxone treatment. Your doctor will start to taper off the medication dosage while observing you for withdrawal symptoms. This stage will help you eliminate the effects of the opioids from your system.

How long does suboxone treatment last?

The entire duration of the treatment will depend on your withdrawal symptoms and how long you have been using opioids. If you have been struggling with addiction for years or have gone for rehabilitation but relapsed, you shouldn’t worry because your specialists will create a highly customized treatment to address your needs.

If you or your loved one struggles with opioid addiction, visit Advanced Medical and Weight Loss Center for suboxone treatment. The available physicians will work with you on every step of the treatment process until you are better and free from addiction. Call or schedule your appointment online and manage your addiction.