How to Outshine Your Competitors’ Marketing Videos?

How to Outshine Your Competitors' Marketing Videos?

In the competitive world, everyone wants to come up with a better marketing strategy. Every business owner wants to beat the competition and come to the top. Since video marketing is the latest buzz on the planet, everyone wants to outshine others.

Creativity is important to beat the competition. You have to do something out of the box to grab the attention of your audience. Quality editing software allows you to add unique effects and improve your video. Using a free video maker, you can get creative with video templates. Apart from creativity, there are few other things to consider while creating a marketing video. It helps you stand out from your competitors. Let’s take a look at them.

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Understand Your Audience and Goal

Forget the competition for a few seconds and focus on your goal and audience. Unless you understand your audience, you can never win their hearts. You have to think from their perspective. To get attention, you must offer a solution to their problem.

Make sure you have a clear goal with no distractions. It helps you make a perfect strategy to reach your destination.

Study Your Competitors

When you want to outshine your competition, you have to understand them. From their strengths to weaknesses, you need to research everything. Try to understand their marketing strategy. More importantly, you need to analyze the results of their marketing campaign. Is it working? Is there any room for improvement?

While researching your competitors, be open and don’t hesitate to appreciate their efforts. It will allow you to follow the good part of their marketing strategy.

Is There Enough Search Traffic for Your Topic?

A common mistake is to blindly follow the lead of others. If your competitor has made a video, you don’t need to add a video as well. Before you try to compete, you need to check if there is an audience? Otherwise, you are just wasting your effort and time.

Let’s say you want to create a video for YouTube. Before you write a script or produce it, find out the traffic volume. Is it worth making a video on the topic?

Length of the Video

Short is better! If you are going to put your video on social media, it should be precise and as short as possible. Social media users don’t like to watch long videos unless it is absolutely necessary. For instance, a how-to video should be long enough to explain everything.

Depending on your video type and content, you should decide the length of your video. It plays a huge role in making or breaking your marketing. Choose the length wisely.

Style and Format

Yes, you want to grab the attention of your audience and increase engagement. However, it doesn’t mean that you should copy someone else’s style.

A unique style and format make you stand out in the crowd. More importantly, it gives the audience a reason to remember you. If you don’t have a premium editor, you can use a free video maker to keep a unique style.

While choosing a style or format, you should conduct some research. Look what other content creators are doing to attract an audience. If someone is doing great, you can follow their style with some additions to make it unique.

Write Video Script

One of the biggest mistakes in video creation is shooting without a written script. Mostly, people choose to shoot with a rough sketch in their minds.

Without a written script, you can’t explain your idea to the participants. Even if you are the only subject of the video, you can forget something important. Moreover, you can’t perform perfectly without a written script. Probably, this is the reason why major brands begin video marketing with a written script.

Engaging Intro

While writing a video script, you must opt for an engaging intro. The first few seconds of a video decided whether people watch it or leave it.

To make people watch the entire video, you must give a teaser in the beginning. Talk about something of their interest and they will watch your video till the end. And it is not possible without understanding your audience. This is why the first point of this article was “understand your audience.”

Use a free video maker if you can’t afford premium editing software. It will help you add engaging effects to increase engagement. Moreover, you must create an engaging thumbnail with a free video maker. It will help you get more clicks leading to more views.

Highlight your Uniqueness

Why is your product or service better than others? What makes you superior to your competitors? Is there any reason why your potential customers should ditch your competition?

Find answers to these questions to understand your strength. Try to highlight something unique about your brand to get attention. And then you showcase your product or service to make some money.

Create Memorable Experience

To stand out in the crowd, you have to create memorable experiences. It helps in creating an emotional connection with your clients. A personal connection is extremely important to outshine your competitors. Why?

The vice president of IBM, Buck Rodgers says,

“People buy emotionally and then justify with logic.”

Once you understand your client’s requirements, you need to act wisely and create a personal connection.

Add Call to Action

Every marketing video should have a call to action. Once your audience finishes the video, they want to do what’s next? For instance, if you are reviewing a product, you can add a link to the product. Moreover, you can share a link to your next review.

Parting Words on Using a Free Video Maker to Outshine Your Competitors

Depending on your video content, there are many ways to give an edge to your video. Always try to find creative ways to create engagement. Thus thinking outside the box is a requirement. However, you should never overdo it. Alienating your audience is something that happens frequently. So, make sure to have a solid action plan from the get-go. Try to add try to follow some of those tips to make sure your strategy is the most successful.