How to Plan an Awesome Pamper Party for Your Besties

How to Plan an Awesome Pamper Party for Your Besties

Modern life is stressful, so what better way to mitigate the pressure than with a regular pamper party? Pamper parties are where you and your besties can enjoy some pamper time, gossip, and female bonding time. To make sure your pamper party is the best ever, read on for some useful tips.

Different Beauty Treatments

Decide in advance what beauty treatments you’ll be offering. How many you have will depend on what equipment and supplies you have available, but simple treatments like manicures and pedicures are easy to accommodate. Buy in a selection of nail polishes and manicure products, such as toe separators, nail files, etc. If you have a foot spa or two, even better. While one friend is soaking her feet in a foot spa, the rest can be trying different nail polishes.

Why not have a go at making some natural face masks and scrubs? This could be a key part of your pamper party. Use natural ingredients like avocado, banana, aloe, oats, sugar, and coconut milk to offer your guests a delicious beauty treatment.

Splurge on Professional Treatments

For a special occasion, it’s fun to ask a local beautician to provide more professional beauty treatments, such as waxing, eyebrow threading, and reflexology. Ask your guests to select their treatments and search for a provider who can help, for the right price.

Food and Drink

Your guests will expect some snacks and drinks. After all, a party without refreshments is not much of a party! Prepare some delicious snacks guests can eat as they enjoy a few pamper treatments. Healthy versus decadent really depends on your guests and whether they are health conscious or dieting, but it’s a nice idea to provide a mix of both. For example, you could have some fresh fruit and veggie dips with hummus, plus mini pizzas and pastries.

For drinks, provide a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Include fresh fruit juice or mocktails, plus sparking prosecco or even champagne if you feel like splurging. Offer a drink to guests when they first arrive, then make sure their glass is always kept topped up. At the end of the evening, ask guests if they would like a hot drink, such as a hot chocolate with marshmallows. That’s a nice way to round off the party.

Comfortable Seating

Comfort is very important. You may not have enough easy chairs for multiple guests, so rather than ask guests to sit on the floor, shop for large bean bags chairs from Comfy Sacks. These are super comfortable and perfect for some chill time when everyone is nice and relaxed following some pampering and a few glasses of wine. After the party, you can repurpose any additional seating by moving it into a gaming or cinema room.

Send out the invitations early, so your guests have plenty of time to prepare for your pamper party. Make sure you mention whether robes are provided. One nice touch is to send your guests home with a small pamper gift back; they’ll appreciate such a cute touch!