How to Record Screen on PC/Mac/iOS/Android

How to Record Screen on PC/Mac/iOS/Android

How to take a screenshot on PC/Mac/iOS/Android while gaming?

More and more people and youtuber use screen recorders to record desktop and games. Games are always going to be popular, especially when you show some actions during play game.

When you record screen with game on pc, will you feel that the picture quality and fps are reduced for a long time. Don’t worry, this article will introduce some programs to let you enjoy smooth recording speed and high-definition picture

How to Record Screen on PC No FPS Drop While Gaming?

When you record your screen, you can see what your screen is showing. What the screen shows depends on your graphics card and FPS rate. Therefore, it is best to use a screen recorder grátis or paid to ensure the best experience when recording screen on your computer

However, not all screen recorders can reach the highest speed

iTop Screen Recorder is your good choice, it has many features, 60fps rate, 4k resolution, professional watermark function, etc.

iTop can not only be used in games, if you are working from home, online classes, entertainment, etc., you can use iTop

iTop Key Features

●No delay in game recording: iTop has professional rendering technology, which can reach 60fps without delay in recording

● Screen recorder without time limit

●Exclusive watermark customization: You can use or not use the watermark, if you use the watermark function, you can customize your private watermark to prevent plagiarism

●Choose any screen recording area

How to Record Screen on Android No Lag While Gaming

iTop can record the screen on the computer, and you can also record through the iTop’s online screen recording function, so that you don’t need to download software to occupy your memory space. However, if you want to record screen on your Android phone, then Mobizen is also a good choice

Mobizen Screen Recorder is also available for Windows and Mac. But to use Mobizen, you have to sign up for an account and then you can choose between free or paid features

Here are some features:

Lag-free screen recording: Mobizen has the same 60fps rate and higher resolution as iTop

Clean Mode Recording;

External saving: In addition, it also has SD card storage function, if your memory is full, you can also save it to the SD card.

How to Record Screen on iPhone with Audio While Gaming

If you want to take a screen shot on your iPhone, in addition to the screen recorder, you can also use the program that comes with your iPhone to record the screen

Here are the steps to record screen on iPhone.

Step 1: You can tap the control button in the settings.

Step 2: You can start your screen recording for unlimited duration

Step 3: After the recording or screen recording is completed, the file will be automatically saved to your phone


This article describes how to record screen on three different devices, but PC screen recording is still more commonly used by most people, in this case, a screen recorder will be more convenient. iTop is a good software that can help you with high-speed HD recording, and more functions can be downloaded and viewed on the official website.