How To Repair Discourse in 2021

How To Repair Discourse in 2021

How To Repair Discourse in 2021: After a few turbulent years, and with the ongoing pandemic, the practice of discourse and discussion has been hindered. You see it with the rise of cancel culture, and other extreme rhetoric, that discourse has not been as prevalent as it once was. However, there are bright moments where that is not the case. TheDoe.Com is a prime example of how discourse continues to be practiced and preached. Online content like The Doe and others promote discourse through their content.  

That can be an initial first step towards repairing discourse in 2021. Through anonymity, one can focus less on the individual providing the opinion or idea, and focus more on the idea itself. This way, the idea is debated, not the individual. This eliminates any sort of prejudice or bias one might have to the person giving the opinion. Thus, allowing discourse to unfold, and for people to converse and discuss an opinion, without their benign extremist rhetoric or banter. 

Through this method, discourse can see a revival of sorts. However, what remains most important, is that people respect the rules of conversation, and respect the opinions of others. That is the only way for discourse to take place. The road to revival is long and difficult, but with time discourse will go back to its prominent ways, because the alternative to discourse is not appealing. The more we stray away from practicing discourse, the more we draw closer to demise and despair.