How To Sell Your Junk Car With Cash Auto Salvage

How To Sell Your Junk Car With Cash Auto Salvage

Do you have a car that has just been rusting away in your backyard? Perhaps it just won’t start, or it starts but won’t drive? Maybe it’s inoperable after flooding? The good news is that the vehicle no longer has to just sit in the driveway. You can turn that junk car into profit by selling it with Cash Auto Salvage. A quick assessment and questionnaire can turn your junk vehicle into an instant offer for some quick cash. Here are a few things for sellers to know to get the best price on your car.

Consider factors that will impact your instant offer.

There are plenty of providers out there who stress the “We Buy Junk Cars” approach. However, it’s important to make sure that you’re working with top services like Cash Auto Salvage to turn your scrap car into the best offer possible. It’s important to remember that even though selling a junk car is a quick process, you need to have the title on the vehicle to legally allow it to be purchased. This is state law, regardless of the fact that this is an unwanted vehicle that you are trying to scrap.

The current price of scrap metal can change the valuation on an instant cash offer from a car buyer. Junkyards take steel, aluminum, copper, and other metal from your junk car and sell them to scrap metal dealers for cash. In turn, the scrap metal dealers sell the metal to manufacturers who recycle it. The cost of labor for a junkyard may also be taken into account, as well as the interior and exterior condition of the vehicle at the time of sale.

Assess your vehicle’s value over time.

Assess your vehicle's value over time

When completing the application process, you’ll want to provide as much information about your clunker as possible. Providing the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), along with evidence of a title and a proper assessment of your vehicle can do the most for a fair market offer. Be sure to call your insurance company if your car was involved in an accident before selling it to a salvage yard. If they determine that the car is totaled or declared to be a “total loss”, they may offer you an amount based on whatever they determine its worth according to their calculations minus any applicable deductible.

Your car’s condition also has an impact on the value of your car to junk car buyers. Subsequently, the value of your car is improved by the condition of your car. That number is heavily impacted by damage throughout the vehicle, such as water damage to the interior. Take the Blue Book value and subtract the cost of all the repairs that are needed to make the car sellable. Use your best judgment when assessing the situation with your clunker.

Maximize the offer on your junk car.

Maximize the offer on your junk car

Some salvage yards will offer up a free tow service to pick up your junk car. However, others may deduct a tow from the offer you’re receiving. If you have the ability to drive that car to the junkyard, do so rather than lose out because of the removal of your junk car. If you opt for a tow, empty out the fluids of the car and make it easily accessible for mechanics and tow operators to pick up from the vehicle’s location.

Cleaning out the interior of the vehicle and removing as much rust as possible on the exterior can help you maximize the offer you get from a junkyard. You can even further benefit yourself by exploring numerous quotes that are out there. In some cases, it may be more beneficial for junk car sellers to upgrade their offer by taking care of these items before selling off that junker. Be sure to find the highest price that’s most convenient for you.