How to Start a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Business: The First Steps

How to Start a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Business: The First Steps

Did you know that the first documented use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy goes back to 1662? While this may be the first document use for it, hyperbaric oxygen chambers were not built in the United States until 1891.

Today, there are over a dozen uses for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT, range from wound care to carbon monoxide poisoning to bone disease.

With so many great benefits to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, there need for more HBOT businesses. Let’s take a dive and see the first steps to start a hyperbaric oxygen therapy service.

Start With a Business Plan

Starting a hyperbaric oxygen therapy business will require some time and money. However, with so many patients who can benefit from HBOT, making profits once you open your business should not be a problem.

Like starting any business, you must begin with a business plan before opening a hyperbaric oxygen therapy service. The steps to opening a hyperbaric chamber business should include:

  • Set up a timeline
  • Budget and purchase equipment
  • Networking

Write down your business plan and keep it organized and up to date if any changes occur. This will help keep you organized through this process.

Set Up a Timeline

You may be eager to open your hyperbaric oxygen therapy business right away, but it can take several months before you will be able to accept your first patients.

Some factors may delay this process, from building requirements to licensing. For example, to have oxygen therapy necessary for your hyperbaric oxygen therapy services, you must have an oxygen source inside the building.

If you plan on renting or purchasing a building, getting an oxygen source into the building may add time to your timeline.

Licensing for your hyperbaric oxygen therapy service may vary depending on your location. It is easier to obtain licensing in some areas than in others, so licensing may affect the timeline of opening your hyperbaric oxygen therapy service.

Budget and Purchase Equipment

Setting a budget is crucial in any business plan. It may be beneficial to speak with a financial advisor. They can help you determine your budget and look over business expenses with you.

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers can cost anywhere from $9,000 to $600,000. The price varies on the type of hyperbaric oxygen chamber you purchase as well as if its a new or used chamber

However, that is not the only factor you need to consider in your budget before opening an HBOT business. You should also factor in the building expenses, staff, and other healthcare expenses such as EMI technology.

Once you determine how much you can spend for your HBOT, you can look into your options for a hyperbaric chamber for sale.


According to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), oxygen is a drug and requires a prescription from a physician.

To open a hyperbaric oxygen therapy service, you must have a medically trained staff. Additionally, hyperbaric oxygen therapy must be administered by a medical professional.

When networking for staff to hire, you should look for medical professionals with various experiences in pulmonary services. Not only should you network to get a good and experienced staff, but also let other local doctor’s offices know about your HBTO business.

Since HBOT requires a doctor’s prescription, networking with physicians with other medical practices can help you gain patients. Other physicians and offices can refer their patients to you, which can help you start to gain more patients.

Reach out to various wound care clinics and explain to the physicians the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy with wound patients. You may be able to get some patients from their office referred to you so that you both can work together in treating these patients.

Open Your Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Business Today

Start your business plan to open your own hyperbaric oxygen therapy business today. It may take several months to complete the process. However, you should be able to grow your business quickly and, most importantly, help many patients heal and feel better.

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