How to Take Care of the Succulents


Succulents can be your best friend at home. You heard it right. Home decoration is essential to understand one’s lifestyle and thinking. Modern, aesthetic, vintage, or natural, every home decoration theme has a story behind it. A pot of succulent goes well with every one of it. Just add a succulent plant in the living room to make it more shooting. Put a succulent in the bedroom for a peaceful mind and better sleep. Usually, succulents are very adaptive plants and flaunt health in very rough conditions. But you should not just buy succulents online or from the succulent market with a nice pot and leave it there forever. Taking care of the plants is very necessary to keep them in good shape and look. Plus, it will help you to take a break from the regular hectic life and bring you mental peace.

How to Care for Succulents

A plant grows the best when you water it regularly. As the succulents are indoor plants, they mostly depend on regular watering. So, water the plants every day. Time may vary depending on the season.  During winters water the plants less and hot scorching summer, feed them more. But before that make sure, your succulents pot has a drainage system. Otherwise, clogged water is going to do more harm than help. Succulents require very little water but in the roots. So it’s better not to use sprinklers to use the plants. Instead, you can use a container or mug to water the soil directly. If your container doesn’t have small holes (drainage), then use less water.

Succulents love sunlight. At least six hours sunbath a day ensures the best growth of the plants. But keeping them directly under the summer sun will be harmful. You may keep them near the window or out for a limited time every day. Then bring them in and place, But this can be hectic for most people. So, it’s better to keep them in enlightened places at home where they’ll get natural light on their own. Make sure to rotate the plant pot every day. Because if you keep it, the same every day, one side might burn, while the other won’t get the necessary nutrients.

Keeping the Succulents Clean

As an indoor plant, succulents will get dusty as all your other furniture. You get to clean the leaves and pots once in a while to keep them healthy. Otherwise, the plants will die due to pest attack or lack of function. You can sprinkle water to keep it clean. A seventy per cent diluted solution of iso-propyl alcohol is best as the plant cleaner. It will also act as a pesticide in case your plant already has some in it.

Use organic fertilizer or growth mixers to grow the succulents faster. If you are planning to make more potting from one plant, then this tip works great. You can find it in the nursery or online if you don’t want the hassle of potting and such, just search succulents for sale around you. Online stores offer bulk amounts of succulent cuttings and other accessories. You can also look for second-hand plants from the families leaving the town or moving out.

Final verdict

Gardening is a proven therapy for body and mind. In a city full of buildings and cars, it’s not easy to make a garden for everyone. But you can modify the idea, get some succulents, and take care to grow your little indoor garden quickly. It will give your home a more lively appearance and better impression about your taste to the people.