Important Questions During a Free Orthodontic Consultation

Important Questions During a Free Orthodontic Consultation
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Living with misaligned teeth is a distressing experience. With this dental concern, you will experience unevenness while chewing. Consequently, you will barely enjoy your favorite meal. Worst, the alignment issues impair your aesthetic smile lowering your confidence when in front of people. Fortunately, in the modern days, diverse orthodontic treatments can help you straighten your teeth. Before choosing the treatment options, scheduling a consultation with the orthodontist is good. Below are important questions you should ask the specialist during Easton free orthodontic consultation.

What are the Available Options?

Whether you are seeking treatment for your kid or yourself, you will want to know about the clinic’s straightening options. Some people are reluctant for their kids to get the metal braces, thinking these devices are the only option. Fortunately, there are other options like clear aligners that can help address your alignment concerns.

How Long Will It Take for the Treatment?

On average most orthodontic treatments takes about two years. However, depending on the extent of dental concerns and individual needs, the time can vary from one patient to another. After assessing your alignment issue, the orthodontic will give you an approximate time that treatment will take. Some treatment options like braces will require you to be patient before realizing the improvement of your dental concerns.

What Is the Cost Involved?

When seeking orthodontic treatment, it is good to consider the cost. Notably, the price of the treatment options depends on the severity of your orthodontic concerns. The orthodontist will disclose the payment options during the consultation before beginning the treatments. If you opt for the payment plans, you should inquire whether the dental clinic accepts your plan.

Are There Discomforts?

Many people have associated braces with pain. This instance has hindered some people from leaning on metal braces when correcting misaligned teeth. While you will experience discomfort as the teeth shift during adjustment, the pain recedes after a few days. The orthodontist will recommend the right medications that you should take to ease the pain.

What Are Food Restrictions?

Your diet will likely change once you start the orthodontic treatments. For example, if you opt for braces, you must avoid meals that can stick and dislodge the wiring system. During the consultation, the orthodontist advises avoiding hard candy and gum. If you opt for the removable aligners, you can continue enjoying your favorite meals without restrictions.

What Are the Measures to Care for Orthodontic Devices?

Once you undergo orthodontic treatment, it is important to maintain your dental health. You might think that you need extra effort to care for your teeth. However, your orthodontist will instruct you on maintaining your dental health without compromising the orthodontic devices. For example, they will recommend using a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid breaking the brace wire system while brushing.

Do you have dental alignment concerns? Worry no more since the orthodontic treatment can help you restore your smile and chewing capacity. Before beginning these treatments, you should have a consultation with the orthodontist. This way, you get a chance to raise important questions concerning orthodontic treatments. For example, you can inquire how long these treatments take to correct your misaligned teeth. Also, it would help if you asked about the dietary changes after the treatments.