Indoor Playhouses 2022

Indoor Playhouses 2022
The best indoor playhouses let kids’ imaginations run wild, and if you have space (either inside or outside), getting one is a great way to promote free play and help burn off excess energy! As your little one grows from a baby into a toddler.
There are many indoor playhouses available, but not all are of good quality. The ones which are probably the best are the wooden ones which you can put indoors in open areas of your house, and sit on the floor or on a table so that kids can move around freely.
The main reason why wooden ones are better than plastic ones is that they last longer (the plastic ones will break down pretty quickly), so when your kid grows up, you can either throw away the plastic version or get it refitted by an expert. It’s like any other item: no matter how well designed, it will eventually wear out in use.
If you haven’t already, you should check out this article on the best playgrounds for kids.
Some of these playhouses are almost free, but some require a certain amount of effort (e.g., putting together or painting a structure). Others require that you go outside and build one yourself. And then there are the ones that are designed to be mobile and can be moved from place to place if they need to travel.
There is no shortage of beautiful indoor playhouses, but what do they have in common? They all have one thing in common: they come with the option of being easily taken outside and moved via a sturdy trolley, which makes them great for outdoor playtime or when you want your child to experience nature vs. city life!
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Safety Considerations

Safety is a concern in indoor playhouses. Most can be assessed without too much difficulty on the basis of their material and design, but there are a few things to consider before you sign your child up.
Does it feel safe? Will the play area be well lit? Is there a lot of space around? Are there any sharp edges? It’s useful to know what kind of construction materials you’re using, and also how they were handled. Playhouses made from wood, foam or plastic can leave behind lead residue when they are not properly cleaned — so it’s important to make sure there are no chips on the surface or any sharp edges that could come into play when kids fall off the furniture.
All this may seem like a lot to take in, but the point is that we need to make sure that our playhouse is safe for kids, both in terms of construction and safety (so long as all the safety features are working). If you have other children who may want to use your Indoor playhouse for kids as well (or even if you don’t), it’s worth making sure that everything works for everyone else too.

A Playhouse Buying Guide

This post aims to help you find the best indoor playhouses.
There are many factors to consider when buying a playhouse:
• Size: How big does it need to be? How big will your child grow in it?
• Color: Does it go with a theme or color scheme?
• Style: Do you prefer traditional or contemporary designs?
• Materials: Is the material sturdy or flimsy? Will it hold up to messy kids playing in it, or is it made of plastic and cardboard?
The best playhouses will have all of these things and more. And they will provide more than just a place for your child to sit on while they explore the world around them. To help you decide, I’ve rounded up 10 playhouses that each represent one of those qualities, and what I think makes them great.
Driftwood Playhouse The Driftwood Playhouse comes in three different styles: round, rectangular, and square (more about them below). It’s available in two sizes, too — 25″ tall or 35″. This little house has an interesting design feature: You can slide down some steps (or pull down a ladder) so that you can see all the way into the house from inside! It’s made from hardwood with linen fabric on one side and faux leather on the other. All features are designed with safety in mind; not only is the ladder made out of metal that won’t break when kids climb down, but there are actually brakes on the ladder so that no child can accidentally fall off! The bottom step also has wheels so that you can use it as a portable ramp. It fits perfectly inside your playroom…but if you’re worried about finding enough room for all your playset pieces, this doesn’t really fit inside most windows! Check Price at Amazon Driftwood playset The Driftwood Playhouse was also designed by our own team, but this time we’re talking about this super cute wooden playset with fabric…which is both durable and washable! The top panel has two doors at each corner for easy access (and since this is intended for children who are still learning how to walk), plus there’s also a door from inside so that parents can easily check in on their kids at night when they’re sleeping. Definitely great for homes with lots of small rooms. Check Price at Amazon  Lazy Susan Play House  This adorable little house was designed by our own team to

How to Choose the Right Playhouse for Your Child

A playhouse is a great place for children to build their imagination and pretend play. The best playhouses are designed with kids in mind, so that they can safely enjoy the fun of building, exploring, and having some fun playing in the open air.
Consider factors such as:
• Size – Are you looking for something that can fit your child’s needs (i.e., does it have enough space)? How about something specifically for crawling?
• Comfort and ease of use – Is there anything you do not want your child to be able to do? For example, are there any stairs or poles that could be dangerous for a child to climb?
• Safety – Does the structure have safety features built-in (like safety bars) or is it something your child can attach himself or herself safely on?
• Durability – Are playhouses made of vinyl so they’ll last through years of rough play?
Or will they crack and break after repeated abuse? You don’t want to get a new playhouse only once.
I recommend buying used if you can afford to; it’ll give you more bang for your buck!
There are so many different types of playhouses out there now that it becomes difficult to choose one; good ones come in all shapes and sizes! Everything from tiny wooden kits with a roof made out of cardboard boxes to high-end plastic models with spring-loaded slide mechanisms. Whatever type you decide on, make sure that your home is equipped with a safe place where your little ones can enjoy hours of creative playground time every day. You don’t want them running wild in an empty room!


This was something I wrote in 2012 when I was the VP of Product at Gigi Bloks. It’s worth re-posting, especially as it continues to be relevant today.
I am a huge fan of playhouses, and many people know this (though it’s easy to forget…) If you have spaces, take advantage of them!
They are great for kids who don’t want to wear shoes or be cooped up inside (and who doesn’t want a sippy cup or a TV in the room?). They are also great for family gatherings. I think we used to just call them “family homes” when we were kids, but now we call them “playhouses” because our kids have so much fun there that they aren’t interested in walking outside anymore. It is also an excellent way to promote free play and help burn off excess energy — not something that happens right away!
Here is an example: I have a friend who has an old warehouse in his backyard which he has converted into a sort of “free-playhouse.” Each kid gets his own room, with toys and activities scattered around (yes! The parents sleep on cots). It looks like any large indoor playhouse — but it is actually much more elaborate than that. The parents work late hours making sure everything is set up and ready for the next morning.