Interior Design on a Budget: Fast, Affordable Styling Options



Interior Design on a Budget: Furnishing a home is by no means cheap, and if it is then you’re probably going to find yourself having to replace pretty much everything one or two years down the line. Putting together a house that’s beautiful, comfortable, functional, long-lasting and affordable has never been easy, but that doesn’t mean that it’s totally unachievable, it’s all a question of mindful shopping and styling! Follow these nifty tips and tricks to style a house that’s kind to your family and to your wallet…


Shop at the right time of year

Shopping at the right time of year can save you an awful lot of money! Home Furniture clearances will often crop up during mid-season sales, end of year discount periods and special events. Keep your eyes open for discount periods and make a habit of marking these spells in your calendar so you’re on alert for sales. This will mean that you’ll be able to nab some of your favourite furniture pieces or accessories that you wouldn’t normally be able to, which is great for every taste, home and budget.


Prioritise centrepieces and essentials

When you’re working with limited funds, you need to be mindful of shopping for the essentials and furniture centrepieces first. Your centrepieces often overlap with essential items, for example your sofas, beds, entertainment system and dining table sets. These will usually be a significant investment, so look for beautiful pieces in clearance sections that are crafted from natural materials. Shopping for quality, natural pieces will mean that you’re securing furniture that lasts for years and years. Some materials such as reclaimed timber actually look better over time, so you can feel completely confident in your investment!


Take your time

Once you’ve secured yourself your essentials and your centrepieces, you should be conscious of slowing down and giving yourself the time that you need to curate the pieces that will contribute to creating a beautiful, personal feeling home. Taking your time with your non-essential pieces will mean that you’ll find yourself with a stunning house that you love to live in, maybe not just right away!


Mix the high with the low

Mixing high-quality pieces with cheaper accessories is a great solution to gorgeous interior design on a budget. Your investment furniture can be enhanced with thrifted or cheaper ceramics, accessories and soft furnishings to make it feel homely without breaking the bank. Some furniture stores carry items that suit all budgets, so if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop browse around for shops that cater to everyone.


Make it personal

No matter how much money you’re working with, you’re always going to want to ensure that your home still feels like you! A personal home is a comfortable one, so enhance your space with fun accessories that you and your family have gathered over the years, homemade items and products of arts and crafts sessions. A gallery wall of family photographs and framed keepsakes is significantly cheaper than splashing out on a flashy artwork – and a lot more personal!


Bring the outdoors in

Plants, flowers and succulents are a great way of adding to your space without overpowering the room or diminishing your budget! The contemporary jungle look is all the rage right now, and it’s perfect for those who want a timeless addition to their home that’s not too expensive. Plants are healthy, long-lasting and ideal for mixing into any style!

Great interior design doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Follow these tips to style a home that’s comfortable, beautiful and timeless.

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