Is It Safe to Wear Dentures Overnight?

Is It Safe to Wear Dentures Overnight?

You have finally got your dentures in BC and are excited to wear them daily. However, if you do not know how to take care of them properly, you may soon have to get a new one. Part of owning dentures is knowing how to keep them in optimal condition and not damage them.

While dentures have improved throughout the years, one thing about them has remained constant: you cannot sleep with them. It is an entirely different thing when you have permanent dentures, but you need to remove the temporary ones when you go to sleep. For more information on the topic, you may consult with a denturist in BC.

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Can dentures be worn all day and night?

There are two types of dentures- one is permanent while the other is temporary (removal). The main reason why temporary dentures are made removable is that you are supposed to remove them during certain times of your day. You must take them out before eating and sleeping to maintain oral hygiene. If you wear your dentures throughout the day, it is probably a good idea to take them out at night.

Leaving dentures inside your mouth overnight can cause various complications. It could lead to resorption to mild pain and discomfort. Resorption is a condition where your bone density and volume decrease with time. It is an inevitable condition that happens with everyone as they age. However, keeping your dentures in overnight can accelerate this process.

Benefits of not wearing dentures overnight 

There are a number of health advantages that come with removing your dentures overnight. 

  • Prevents bone loss.

When you sleep with your dentures the entire night, it puts pressure on your teeth and gums and damages them. Removing them prevents this issue. 

  • Stops bacteria growth. 

Bacteria grows in the area where your gums and dentures meet. Therefore, the longer you wear your dentures, the more bacteria accumulate. Let your gums rest without bacteria by removing your dentures at night. 

  • Prevents gum inflammation. 

Sleeping with dentures can block your saliva’s path and flow, increasing the risks of a condition called denture stomatitis. This condition can cause your gums under the dentures to become red and swollen, leading to infected gums. 

  • Ensures a tighter fit. 

When you lose bone density and volume, your dentures, which were custom-made to fit your mouth, may become loose. This increases the chances of slippage and reduces the range of foods you can eat.

Wearing dentures overnight will cause you a lot of problems. To keep your mouth bacteria-free, keep your dentures out overnight.