Key Factors to Consider When Seeking a Corporate Event Planner

Key Factors to Consider When Seeking a Corporate Event Planner

Finding the right corporate event planner is essential to having a successful event. However, not all of the equation rests with the planner. There are things on your end that have to be considered as well. Then, you can look forward to an event that works well and stays within budget.

On Your End

There are several key factors to consider in this area. These will help determine which event planners to put on your short list. You’ll want to choose the planners whose expertise most closely matches your criteria.

Define What Qualifies as a Successful Event

If you’re holding a corporate event, you have a purpose in mind. Describe that purpose in a clear and concise way, preferably by writing it down. Never assume that anyone else has your idea of “success” in their minds. Instead, be very specific! Then, look for corporate event planners in NYC who have experience with handling the details of the specific type of event you want to hold.

Decide When to Hold the Event

Most corporate event planners in NYC prefer a lead time of 12-16 weeks. This ensures that your preferred date will be open. It can also save money on other costs, such as airfare, by allowing attendees to make their plans far in advance.

Venue Considerations

The planned number of attendees, preferred location, and your budget all factor into which venue you’ll want to choose. Event planners like 23 Layers in NYC can suggest venues for you if you don’t have a specific one in mind. Planners will also take care of venue booking.


One key to success is finding an event planner who can work within your budget and still provide a great experience. A look at potential planners’ portfolios may give you an idea of the budget level of the events they usually handle.

On Their End

Finding out key facts about how prospective corporate event planners in NYC operate will make everything go more smoothly. Ask about these things in advance to avoid unwanted surprises and confusion.

Types of Events Handled

Some event planners are specialists in specific types of events. They may also focus on live, virtual, or combination meet-ups. Check on these things to make sure they align with your goals.

How the Company Operates

Find out if you’ll have a dedicated support contact, work with a team, or have some other kind of arrangement. Also check how many planners will actually be there while the event is taking place. Finally, make sure their methods of communication align with your preferences.

Information Security

Many corporate events involve information that needs to remain secret from outsiders. Be sure that your corporate event planner is ready to protect the security of this information.

By paying close attention to these and related factors when vetting companies, you have a good chance of finding the perfect corporate event planners in NYC.