Kilts For Men

Kilts for men
Kilts for men

Kilts are the exotic dressing that is worn by the highlanders. The kilts for men are worn to this day and have been slightly altered. Though the tradition of wearing kilted skirts started from Scotland but slowly dispersed to nearby countries. Now, it is a big part of Celtic tradition. Here are some facts about Scottish kilts for men.

What are Fashion kilts for men?

It is a short knee-length draped skirt. That Scottish man wears. The dress originated from the highland of Scotland and have spread to Europe within no time. The dress is not completed without the accessories. For example, the sporran is one of the essential accessories of the dress Visit our website

What is the history of the kilt?

As mentioned above the kilt originated in the highlands of Scotland. Scottish men started wearing the kilted skirt somewhere in the 1800s. In the beginning, the kilts were long and were also worn as a shawl. It was made of woolen material and made from a fabric known as Tartan. Each clan has a specific color of Tartan that represented their people. Shortly after that the kilt was adopted by the British army due to its high mobility and was then became a part of the Irish culture.

What is a Scottish dress?

The Scottish dress comprises of several apparels such as:


Modern Kilts are the most crucial apparel when it comes to Scottish dressing. There are several kilts these days, but back in the old days, both long and short kilts were in trends. It is a non-bifurcated skirt with the pleats tailored at the back. The Scottish male initially wore the dress, but with time the kilt was worn by the females as well.

Ghillie brogues

Ghillies are the shoes that Scottish men wear. The natives wore the same kind of shoes both for formal, and informal occasions. The socks worn with it are known as a hose. The hose is usually the color of the Tartan.


It is the small pouch worn on the Men’s Tartan kilts. The sporrans are designed uniquely according to the tradition set by the clan. Earlier they are made with leather and animal’s skin. Currently, you can carry almost anything in the sporran from car keys to mobile; the versatile pouch gives utmost comfort and mobility.

Jacket and Shirt

The jacket varies for other formal and informal occasions, and so are the shirt. Mostly kilts for sale wearers go for the ghillie or Jacobean shirt. These days the people also wear kilts with jumpers and sweater or t-shirts, learn more about this products view publisher site


The kilts for men have been in fashion for a long time. Dresses are short, a pleated skirt made from Tartan, a woolen cloth. The highlanders first introduced it in the 1600s. Later, it was adapted by the British and Irish.