KoR Dental Whitening: What You Should Know

KoR Dental Whitening: What You Should Know
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You probably don’t realize that years of drinking coffee and cola may discolor your teeth, making most individuals feel self-conscious about showing their teeth when they smile. Dental whitening treatments such as KoR teeth bleaching can help you if your teeth are yellow or stained.

KoR bleaching is a cosmetic dental technique that improves the appearance of your smile by removing stains that cause discoloration. This process has been rated as one of the best and most effective in terms of teeth whitening.

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KoR Bleaching Frequently Asked Questions

1. How safe is KoR tooth bleaching?

To date, KoR bleaching has been accepted by millions of people, and no significant allegations have been made that the method causes harm to the gums or teeth.

2. What is the permanence of KoR’s whitening results?

KOR bleaching is undeniably compelling, but only if you use the trays for two weeks and keep up with the maintenance program. It’s worth the time and money invested.

3. Will my KoR bleaching procedure cause me any pain or discomfort?

Tooth sensitivity is a documented side effect of most teeth whitening methods. The KoR dental whitening procedure does not cause teeth to become sensitive since the gel contains desensitizing ingredients. Talk to your dentist in Shelby Charter Township about your situation if you are concerned about the sensitivity of your teeth.

4. Can age be taken into account in this procedure?

Various criteria, including age, are taken into account throughout this treatment. Teeth can be whitened safely at any age, but 14 years or older is the best time. By then, all permanent teeth will have grown in. 

 A dental professional will examine your teeth during your initial appointment to determine if they are healthy enough to undergo bleaching.

5. What should be done to maintain the effects of a KoR whitening procedure?

If you opt to have your teeth whitened at the dentist, your dentist will prescribe certain at-home treatments to help you maintain your chosen level of whiteness. Avoid or restrict tooth-staining liquids and foods like coffee, and avoid smoking tobacco for the greatest and longest-lasting results.

In a Nutshell 

Good dental practices are also proven to improve teeth’s appearance. Thus,  cleaning your teeth daily is recommended to keep your teeth in good condition. In addition, it is recommended that you have dental cleanings and examinations every six months.