5 Things More To Lead Management Than Nurturing And Scoring

Lead Management Than Nurturing
Lead Management Than Nurturing

Till now, marketers have only been focusing on generating leads because of the advent of the internet, social media, and other types of modern marketing tools. But if you look at the current situation of the market and go through the marketing trends, you will feel a need to make a paradigm shift from just lead generation to lead management. Lead generation is just a step towards making your marketing efforts successful as you will never achieve your marketing goals if you will not convert those leads. And this is where lead management can prove to be useful for you.

If you manage your leads well, you will surely unlock many new growth opportunities for your firm and increase the revenue as well. But if you are in the misconception that lead management is all about nurturing and scoring then you haven’t looked at the broader aspect of management yet.

There are many things that go into proper lead management and therefore not all the firms are able to do it precisely. But through this blog post, we will give you broader aspects of lead management so that you can apply it without any hitches.


Focus on thought leadership

One of the best approaches towards better lead management is to cast your net so wide that people will be able to find you everywhere. This is one of the best approaches instead of reaching the places where customers are or trying to bring customers to where your brand has a strong presence. So, by casting a wide net we mean focusing on thought leadership so that all your prospects can easily find you before they even start looking for a solution.

But you can’t leave your prospects when they arrive on your website and in order to maximize your chances of converting those leads, you have to optimize your landing page accordingly. Therefore, landing page testing is also a crucial aspect.


Build prospect profile

Building a database for storing, accessing, and sharing your leads is an ideal approach towards an impeccable lead management strategy. But only building the database will not be enough as it will be necessary to keep that database clean by following proper database hygiene. In addition to this, collecting information from all your prospects will also be necessary and along with this, you will have to start working on building a profile of the interest of your prospects as well.

You can track various kinds of behaviour like which websites they visit? What is their peak timing of browsing? How long they stay on a website and much more. Through a proper profile of the prospect, you can target them in a much better way.


Automate handoffs for leads

One of the main aims of any firm is to put the sales-ready leads in an ideal sales channel and that too without tweaking the current sales process and workflow. For example, you can give ranking to each of the levels of leads, and then whenever a prospect will get converted into a lead, you will have to update this information in your CRM system along with the date of entry.

And then according to the sales process being used by your sales team, you can assign that lead the right sales approach so that you can push them further in the sales channel without any hassle. But if you are thinking that you can do this all manually then you are not on the right path. Harness the power of automation at this stage of lead management and B2B lead generation.


Sales lead insights

Just informing the sales team in your firm that they have got a new lead will not be enough, doesn’t matter how experienced or skilled your sales team is. Apart from providing the information on new lead generation, you have to provide the information about the moment that made the prospect get converted into a lead. This will help the sales team to offer the right product or service to the lead and maximize the chances of conversion.

Even after sales is engaged with an opportunity, you can continue providing valuable information to the sales team for allowing them to fine-tune their approach and open many new doors of revenue growth for your firm. The value of human conversion will never diminish doesn’t matter how advanced we become or many improvements we make in the world of technology.


Recycling leads

There are basically two forms of recycling leads. The first one is when a lead is assigned to a sales representative and because of some circumstances, the salesperson is not able to follow-up with the lead. Second is when a lead is not interested in purchasing anything or the salesperson is not able to contact the lead. In both cases, the sales representatives will keep hanging on to the leads and this will create a void in your B2B lead generation and lead management approach.

In such a situation, the sales representative will keep on working on the leads while they will never be nurtured. Therefore, your sales representative should have the capability of recycling leads and choose the timeframe when these leads will wish to come back.

Lead generation is just the first step towards making a person succumb to buy your products or services and without proper lead management, you will never be able to achieve the ultimate goal of your sales and marketing team. By incorporating the various strategies in your lead management approach rather than being confined to nurturing and scoring, you can maintain the quality of leads and maximize the chances of conversion as well.