Let’s Visit Germany

Let’s Visit Germany
Let’s Visit Germany

The first country that comes to mind when the word World War II comes up in Germany. Even then, Germany is currently the most economically prosperous country in Europe. It is a beautiful country in the western part of Europe. The cultural and natural beauty of this country is so vast that you can’t end up enjoying it. This country is full of many historical cities, forests, hills, rivers. You can get acquainted with some beautiful cities in Germany over time.


The city is adorned with captivating architecture. A beautiful harmony of historical and modern architecture is observed here. Hamburg’s nightlife experience can be memorable for you. There are several parks and some beautiful bridges that are really a source of pride for them. 286.5 km distance from berlin and you can stay here in some good hotels, it can cost you less than 100 USD.

Rugen Island:

The most beautiful attraction of this city is Jasmund National Park, which is located at an altitude of about 161 meters above sea level. This is a historic and quite old city, the beautiful houses here; the beach attracts and delights the tourists very much. The resorts here make tourist travel more comfortable and the extraordinary landscape is a fascinating sight for tourists. Horse riding, windsurfing, and many more are available for recreation on the beach. This city is 290.7 km away from Berlin.


Berlin is the name of a pretty elegant city. Different ethnic groups, places of interest, culture and the beauty of the night make Berlin even more colourful. This city, which has changed over the last twenty years, has become a centre of attraction for visitors, art, music, and design what is not in this city? There is no shortage of places to visit for those who love history; there are plenty of museums and galleries in Berlin. No problem staying here, there are lots of good quality hotels, this city is the capital of the country but you can get hotels here for less than 50 USD.

Lake Constance:

0.6672 km wide, beautiful flower garden Insel Maine is a favourite place of many visitors. This garden is located right next to Lake Constance. Lake Constance is the third largest lake in Central Europe at the foot of the Alps. Clear sparkling water and beautiful weather are truly mind-blowing. It is a great place for swimming and sunbathing, you can ride a bike as you wish. There is a Mountain almost 2,500 meter high, called Shantis Mountain near the lake, from where the view of the lake is very pleasant. The place is full of entertainment and looks more beautiful when you visit the border villages. Nice quality hotels are available here. 750.3 km distance from Berlin. 


The Black Forest:

The flowing river, the glittering light of the lake, the flower ceremony all-around may give you the search for a new vibrant life. Welcome to the 160 km hikers paradise Located on the southwest side. It is one of the most scenic places in Germany. Deep jungles, mountains, valleys are as beautiful as fairy tales. The picturesque villages and towns add to the beauty of here. This place is the warmest in Germany. Don’t forget Baden’s spa is one of the most popular among tourists. You will find good hotels here for cheap accommodation, but most of the hotels are expensive and there are also resort arrangements here. If you want to enjoy such a beautiful natural beauty, 757.7 km from Berlin is not too far away! What do you say?