Live A Healthy Lifestyle Without Neck Pain Issues

Live A Healthy Lifestyle Without Neck Pain Issues

Neck pains have become common, and many people keep going to the doctors seeking treatment to relieve the pain. Injuries and uncomfortable postures may increase your chances of developing neck pain. However, getting a specialist who can treat and end your neck pain may be daunting. People have struggled to get the proper treatment since they always complain of recurring pain. If you are experiencing neck pains, cervical disc disease Roswell specialists at APEX Spine and Neurosurgery are experienced in using the latest technology, including minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and treat your neck pain and stiffness. The team cares about your well-being and ensures to improve your health. Learn more about cervical disc disease before booking your appointment.

What Is Cervical Disc Disease

Cervical disc disease is a type of neck pain affecting people for various reasons. There are no noticeable symptoms for many people, especially the engaged, making the disease invisible. The discs on your neck contain fluid that assists your neck movement and reduces friction; however, due to wear and tear, the discs become worn out and lose fluidity, causing neck pain.

Who Is Likely To Get Cervical Disk Disease?

Aged people are more susceptible to cervical disk disease since the neck bones and discs become worn out as age progresses. It is usually an age-related disease and requires an x-ray screening to identify and diagnose the problem. Some other reasons that may cause this disease include bacterial infection, genetic predisposition, severe injuries to the neck, fungal infection, and cervical osteomyelitis.

Symptoms Of Cervical Disk Disease

Cervical disk disease causes wear and tear over time by weakening the discs and making them not function. When the wear and tear happen, the spinal bones rub against each other, which causes pain. Some other symptoms may include muscle spasms, less flexibility, difficulties in moving your head, increased neck pains when performing activities due to the stiffness of the bones, and sharp pain moving to the arms.

How To Diagnose Cervical Disk Disease?

The neck pain is treatable when you get the right specialist. For the specialist to get an accurate diagnosis, they will check your medical and family history, perform a physical and neurological examination, test reflexes to check the muscle weakness, and perform imaging techniques such as X-ray, CT scan, and MRI scans. This diagnosis will help determine and locate the exact origin of pain and develop a treatment plan.

Available Treatment Options

Different treatment options are available to help treat neck pain and minimize discomfort. Some options may include muscle relaxants, narcotics, spinal injections, physiotherapy, acupuncture, and using the spine with braces. Minimally invasive procedures are also effective in providing treatment for the pain.

Neck pain causes discomfort and makes people not perform their daily activities. People have suffered from pain trying to seek a specialist to treat their condition. If you have a neck pain problem, worry no more as the APEX Spine and Neurosurgery team is experienced in providing solutions to your problem. The specialist will diagnose and formulate an effective treatment plan to ensure you live a healthy and pain-free lifestyle. You may begin by scheduling an online appointment or calling their office today.