Meditation For Busy Parents: 3 Tips To Get You Started

Meditation For Busy Parents: 3 Tips To Get You Started

Many would consider children as a gift that completes a family. And there’s no doubt how sweethearts and romantics alike have probably daydreamed about raising a kid with their significant other. However, as nice as that vision is, reality might say otherwise.

Although children are a gift, they’re also a responsibility. Ever since you’ve welcomed them into your heart, they’ll be your charge from now on. But once they could stand on their own despite getting knocked down multiple times, only then would it be unavoidable for a parent to watch them from afar instead.

Still, before they could reach that point, they’ll demand all of your time and energy. After all, with how ignorant they are about life, it’s your duty as a parent to guide them. Of course, you’ll find that’s easier said than done once you’re handling a child. And even if you love them with your entire being, focusing on them too much leaves you worse for wear. Perhaps, squeezing in time for meditation can help.

Why Meditation Is A Must

While it’d be extremely rejuvenating to do the complete setup for meditation with crystals and every Zen-related material, it might prove to be challenging when you’re living in a busy house. Despite this, meditating can help improve your health physically and mentally. And since there are smaller ways to meditate without breaking out those crystals, think of them as an efficient time to recharge.

How To Ease Yourself Into Meditation

Raising one child is already a handful, so you can probably imagine how hectic your home can be with even more. As their parent, every waking moment is filled to the brim with what you need to do for your kid. Therefore, if you want to give meditating a try, you must know where to start. 

1. Pause For A Moment

As mentioned earlier, it may prove too difficult to find time to yourself on top of everything going on in your household. And if this is your first time taking care of a child, you might get overwhelmed because of this. This is why meditation is all the more important.

Despite their seemingly boundless energy, children tucker themselves out just as quickly. So, once you go through the motions of tidying the place up again, use this time to take deep, calming breaths. After all, even this small gesture might guarantee you to meditate for better sleep from here on out.

Also called progressive relaxation, all you have to do in practice is go through breathing disciplines and postures. Use this brief moment to empty your mind and focus on your poses and breathing. By refreshing your mind, the stress and tension you’ve collected can be released. In the same vein, this encourages you to examine yourself and acknowledge the damage left behind by these negative energies. 

2. Express Compassion

Before they could ever reach that stage of confidence and individuality, children are prone to undergo different phases growing up. One second, they’re the sweetest kid you’ve ever known, then they’re talking back to you in the next one. In their vulnerable age, growing up is difficult progress. And admittedly, it can be heartbreaking if they lash out at you because of it.

Moments like this will make you question if you were ever prepared to be a parent in the first place. This line of thought might leave you spiraling into blaming yourself and doubting your efforts. But what you didn’t know is how normal this is in every household. So, treat this like any hurdle in your life: overcome it.

While your child’s experiencing many changes physically and emotionally, you’re bound to find them forming a voice at their age. Therefore, they need all the patience in the world, especially from their parents. Be understanding and open to their issues. Help them through as much as you can to remind them they’re not as alone as they think they are. Doing so won’t only deepen your bond but also reinforce your positive energy. 

3. Be Mindful

It’s easy to live without thinking about anyone but yourself. However, you need to drop this mentality immediately with a child in the mix. Since someone else is depending on you now, you must learn to focus on what’s important: your family.

Always bear this in mind. Ever since you had a child, everything you’re doing should be for them. As such, this should give light to how you need to watch over yourself. After all, your family depends on you. If you allow that negativity to fester inside you, you’re endangering your children’s safety. Therefore, keeping your family in mind should encourage you to take care of yourself as well.


Raising a family is hard work. Since you’re raising human beings from the ground up, a piece of your life is given to make that possible. However, if you keep giving yourself away, burning yourself out is inevitable, which could impact your children one way or another. So, start taking care of yourself while it’s still early. Having a moment to meditate is a great foothold for your goal towards self-care.