Minimize the Time You Are Likely to Spend Toothless with a One-Time Treatment

Minimize the Time You Are Likely to Spend Toothless with a One-Time Treatment

Wearing dental dentures can be tiresome and frustrating, especially when they become loose and ill-fitting. Thanks to advanced technology in dentistry, techniques like teeth-in-a-day are now available. Campbell teeth-in-a-day procedure replaces your missing or failing teeth with a permanent alternative to temporary treatments like dentures within minutes. Though the treatment is effective, your dentist might not recommend the process in particular circumstances. For instance, the treatment may not be an option if you have a soft bone quality that might be unable to firmly hold the implant in place, causing the treatment to fail in its early stages. 

Who is a suitable candidate for teeth-in-a-day treatment?

Your dentist will most likely recommend the procedure if you are in danger of losing your teeth or are a victim of sudden tooth loss. Therefore the treatment might be a suggestion if you are seeking to:

  •         Have an extraction and dental implant on the same day
  •         Restore your missing tooth or teeth
  •         Have same-day implants

Unlike the traditional implants where your dentist places the implants and lets them settle for approximately six months as osseointegration takes place, the one-time process allows your dentist to place your implants, with restorations beginning on the same day immediately after extraction.

Benefits you are likely to have with the procedure

The implant process might be most beneficial if you have multiple extractions or lost several teeth because of trauma or an accident. The advantages you might have with the one-time process include:

  •         Immediate growth of teeth
  •         Shortens your downtime
  •         The implants help retain your facial structure and enhance your pearly whites’ everyday functions, including chewing and talking
  •         Minimizes the time you are likely to spend with missing teeth
  •         Prevents bone loss in areas surrounding your extraction sockets
  •         No temporary dentures

How does the treatment work?

Before the treatment, your dentist will request an X-ray and 3D CT scan alongside dental radiographs to do a thorough oral examination. The medical professional will then determine the implant’s feasibility and positioning using computer simulations. After confirming feasibility, your dentist will use a 3D surgical guide to achieve an exact positioning before removing any failing teeth and placing the implants. The healthcare provider will then fit a temporary prosthesis on your implant, after which he will suggest a particular healing period after which he will place the final prosthesis.  

How teeth-in-a-day procedure might change your life quality

You may never take time to think about the importance of your teeth and the crucial roles they play in your everyday life and health until you have failing teeth, a missing tooth, or multiple missing teeth that prevent you from enjoying your life. Missing teeth have adverse effects on your self-esteem, causing stress and anxiety. Dental issues like gum disease that causes your teeth to fail may result in poor oral health, affecting your overall health. In such an instance, your dentist will recommend a teeth-in-a-day procedure because besides the dental implants being a permanent solution, they are close to your natural teeth in appearance.

Your teeth impact your health in various ways, including bone loss that might lead to a change in your facial structure. Do not let your missing teeth affect your speech and chewing when you can contact your dentist for professional assistance.

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