Moving Home? A Checklist Of What To Do To Reduce Stress

Moving Home? A Checklist Of What To Do To Reduce Stress

Moving home is considered one of the most stressful things a person can do in their lifetime. Whether you are moving to accommodate a new job or are moving to a larger home to support your growing family, the process can feel daunting.

As such, many people leave everything to the last minute, which only heightens the stress and tension. But what exactly should you do to prepare for a move, without becoming so stressed that you lose all your hair? Here is a short checklist to make the process a bit more bearable!

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Book A Moving Company

Even if you think you can move everything by yourself in a car, it is always worth booking a packing and moving company when you are moving home. They will be quicker and more efficient than you could ever be as they are professionals – it is their job to know how to move belongings as effectively as possible.

This will help with practical aspects, such as moving larger, heavier pieces of furniture, and will also ensure that fewer things get broken in the process. Just be sure to book your movers as far in advance as possible, to reduce costs and to ensure that they are available on the day you need them.

Pack With Time To Spare

With that said, now it is time to consider packing smaller items, such as clothes, books, and other non-essential household items. Aim to start packing your smaller items at least 2 weeks before the moving date, to ensure that everything is packed appropriately, and to ensure that you have enough boxes and bubble wrap! This will also help with booking a moving company, as you will be able to give them an estimate of how many boxes need to be moved.

Confirm Moving In Date

Whether you are buying the home you are moving into or renting, you absolutely need to confirm the moving-in date. This will help with the booking of moving trucks and switching your address and will also cement the date in your mind.

If you are picking up the keys to your new property, it is your choice whether or not you move into it on the same day. But remember, you can’t move in without the keys, so it may be worth picking them up the day before.

Shut Down

No, this is not an instruction to emotionally shut down! But, rather, the day before you move, shut down your larger household appliances, such as your television, DVD player, computers, washing machines, and freezer.

This will give you time to move the food into dry containers and will also give you the time to defrost and dry out the fridge and freezer, which will reduce the likelihood of spills.

Get The Route

You know the city or town you are living in like the back of your hand. If, however, you are moving to a new state or a new town, it may be worth having a look on Google maps to not only plan the route but to ensure that you are aware of one-way streets and landmarks, just in case you get lost on the way to your new home.