Necessary eye Tests you May Require

Necessary eye Tests you May Require

The eye is an organ that allows one to use visual information for seeing and maintaining balance and circadian rhythm by reacting to light. Regular eye exams are essential to taking care of the eyes and include various tests to check your vision and detect diseases. Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, is your best choice if you want to schedule eye exams. It offers comprehensive eye care services and treatment to help you maintain a clear and excellent vision. They have corrective treatments, including glasses and contact lenses, that you can rely on if you have any visual challenges.

What is an eye exam?

An eye exam involves tests that evaluate your vision and check for diseases. Different tests your doctor can perform during an eye exam fit various aspects of your eye health and vision. Eye exams are necessary to detect diseases early and offer treatment when they are manageable. This eye exam can give your doctor a chance to give your eyes corrective treatment and adapt to the changes in your vision. Additionally, an exam may reflect on your overall health. Your eye exam depends on age, overall health, and your risk of having eye problems.

What are the types of eye exams?

Your doctor can provide extensive and comprehensive eye exams that may consist of:

  •                     Visual acuity testing

This test checks the clarity of your vision. Your doctor will ask you to identify different alphabetical letters on a chart or screen some distance away. As you move down the chart or screen, the letters get smaller, and the test is separate for each eye.

  •                     Eye muscle test

This type of test evaluates the muscles controlling the eye’s movement. Your doctor will observe how your eyes follow a moving object to detect poor coordination or weakness.

  •                     Refraction assessment test

During this test, your doctor checks as bent light waves pass through your lens and cornea. You have a refractive error if light rays do not focus sufficiently on the back of your eye. And to correct that error, your doctor may recommend glasses, refractive surgery, or contact lenses. The test can also determine if corrective lenses are not necessary.

  •                     Color vision testing

You may have difficulty distinguishing some colors and may fail to realize it. Your doctor will show you several multicolored dot patterns as a test for color deficiency. If you can pick shapes and numbers from the same dot pattern, you have no color deficiency. However, if you find it difficult to see some patterns, your doctor will conclude you have a color deficiency.

Your eye exam test results will prove whether your eyes need corrective treatments like surgery, glasses, or contact lenses. The eye exams may also be necessary to check if your eyes are healthy or if you have eye problems like glaucoma, retinal disorders, or cataracts. You should schedule regular eye exam visits to lower the risk of developing eye diseases or early treatment in case you have one.

If you want to have eye exams, visit Wolchok Eye Associates, or request an online consultation.