Online Pharmacy versus Regular Drug stores—Which is Safer?


With all the options available online at your beck and call, it was only natural that people began ordering prescription medications online. However, before switching from regular drugstore to online pharmacies, it is essential to compare the advantages and disadvantages. 

Compare Price

One of the main differences that attract people to online pharmacies is the price. Online pharmacies like Pricepro Pharmacy are known for affordable prices. Several factors offer online pharmacies like Pricepro Pharmacy drugs at a cheaper rate. One of the reasons is that they have fewer bills to pay. Regular drug stores often have to deal with a lot of payments, which include overhead maintenance costs and salaries. Some states also require them to pay annual registration fees. All these payments have their implication on the price of prescription medication.

Price Comparison–who Wins? 

Therefore, in the area of price comparison, online pharmacy wins.

Compare the Convenience   

From having to stand in cue for long hours to dealing with annoying customer attendants, regular stores are nowhere convenient. Online Pharmacies like Pricepro Pharmacy allows you the opportunity to shop for your medication from the comfort of your home. You can purchase your speed whenever you want. There is no need for an unhealthy rush to meet up with work hours.  You can place your order at any time, including midnight, and be rest assure of delivery. 

However, the only downside to an online pharmacy, especially when you don’t use the same pharmacy regularly is, having to explain yourself all over. In case your medication has any drug interaction, you might need to explain to the pharmacist all over.  

Convenience—Who Wins?

Apart from the need to explain yourself all over in case you use different online pharmacies, it is more convenient. Therefore, it is also clearly a win for online pharmacy in terms of convenience. 

Product Delivery

Several online pharmacies claim to offer same-day delivery of drugs. However, you find out that drugs you purchase at late hours typically arrive the next day. When you visit Pricepro pharmacy or other reputable online pharmacies, there is the option of same-day delivery. However, you must place an order within the working hours. 

On the other hand, when you walk into a regular drug store, you are certain to go home with your drugs. Except in cases where the drug is not available, you always get your medication as soon as you pay. Therefore, when it comes to product delivery, they are more reliable. 

Product Delivery—Who wins?

In terms of product delivery, regular drug stores take the lead. So long as the drug is available at the point when you make a payment, you get the product delivered. 


There are a good number of us who like to keep our sicknesses private. If you are one of such people, you certainly know by now that regular drug store is not for you. Online pharmacies provide you the privacy you need when buying your medicine. There is no need for any physical interaction with anybody, just you and the computer. Your medicine gets to your mailbox in some hours. 

Privacy—Who Wins? 

Online pharmacy wins in terms of privacy. It provides you with all the privacy you need from the comfort of your home.

Overall Winner

Overall, online pharmacies clearly take the lead. When you visit Pricepro pharmacy or other reputable online pharmacies, there are a lot of benefits to gain. You should consider switching to online pharmacies.