Petguin same like Penguin

Petguin same like Penguin

Do you know emperor penguins?

Let us tell you how they inspired us! The incubation period of emperor penguins coincides with the most difficult phases of winter. While the mother, who is tired from giving birth, goes hunting, the father penguin undertakes the task of keeping their baby warm, which is still in an egg. Until the baby penguin hatches and grows up, the mother and the father alternately perform the task of keeping warm and feeding.

So how do you think they can accomplish this challenging task in the freezing air of Antarctica? They unite! Penguins stay very close to each other and move together to protect themselves from the cold. Don’t be confused by this state of unity. Each penguin has its own unique voice. This makes them unique and special. Just like us!

We believe that every being in universe is unique and every being is a part of a whole. We believe in singing the song of the universe together without losing our own voice. We believe that we share this home, called Earth with all beings.

The idea of giving even a single soul a comfortable home excites us.
That must give you the same excitement, because you are here.
For this reason, as the Petguin team, we set out on this path by asking a question: Is it possible to offer animals a space in our homes where they can feel at home, without separating them from their nature?
In this way we devote all our energies to designing dog crate furniture that respect nature and animals’ own nature and respond their needs.
We would be so happy if you share this journey with us.

If you are tired of ordinary furniture for your pet, here is a natural living space for your pet, which is perfect for your home!


Petguin is a pioneer brand that offers at the forefront and keeping focus on both our little friends and nature.

Here the our cat house indoor modals;

1 Best Selling Cat Tower

zemin, yer, taş, mobilya içeren bir resim Açıklama otomatik olarak oluşturuldu
duvar, iç mekan, mobilya içeren bir resim Açıklama otomatik olarak oluşturuldu

2- Best Selling for dog crate furniture

yer, iç mekan, yaşama, mobilya içeren bir resim Açıklama otomatik olarak oluşturuldu

iç mekan, bitki, yemek masası içeren bir resim Açıklama otomatik olarak oluşturuldu