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Pinoy1TV: Watch ABS-CBN’s Best TV Series on PC

Pinoy1TV: Watch ABS-CBN's Best TV Series on PC

In a recent press release, Priceline, one of the largest discount travel agencies in the world, claimed that the new Pinoy1TV online service will take the market share away from their existing mobile and Internet businesses. It is true that many people are already using their computers to book flights and other hotel reservations online. And if there was a need for such a service, it is now readily available. But will the new service be able to overcome the competition? That is a very good question.

The new site is definitely one of the leaders when it comes to promoting and selling Filipino cultural and entertainment products online. And one could not forget its chief rival, ABS-CBN, which has been doing the same thing for quite some time now. But there is something about Philippine media that makes it uniquely different than the usual television fare that Americans have become accustomed to. Unlike ABS-CBN, or even Sky TV, which uses Hindi as their national language, the audience of Philippine broadcast television is primarily English-speaking. Perhaps this explains why only a fraction of the population actually watches Filipino programs and shows – it is simply too much for them to absorb.

So then, how will a service that caters to an English-Spanish speaking populace cope with the growing demand for English TV programming in the Philippines? The answer is simple: through the help of ABS-CBN, a cable television company that also broadcasts in English. This company is a part of the world’s biggest broadcasting group, SKY Corporation. So basically, Pinoy1TV can count on ABS-CBN to provide the service for their target audience. Unlike cable TV that relies largely on ads, Pinoy1TV will feature pre-recorded commercial clips that the entire audience can enjoy. And since ABS-CBN is one of the top channels in the country, you can be sure that there will be a lot of advertising content on the air.

Now, one must wonder if the quality of the service being offered by Pinoy1TV would fare better online. Well, first things first – because even ABS-CBN cannot entirely control the quality of its programming – what one can do is to at least get access to the channel listings offered by ABS-CBN. And considering that Pinoy1TV is an online service, it is only logical that it would be available to subscribers via the Internet, be it free or paid.

But then again, wouldn’t it be more convenient to just tune in to your favorite Filipino shows and programs while you are away from your computer? Is there any other way to catch up on what you missed when you were busy with work or school? It sure seems like technology has already taken us a step further in terms of convenience. Aside from being able to catch the latest episode of your favorite drama series during your lunch break, you can also catch the entire episode live through ABS-CBN’s website. While this may seem like a big advantage now, in the future, it may serve as a hindrance to people who are still using a dial-up connection to watch television.

It is understandable that not everyone can subscribe to Pinoy1TV online. This is because of the fact that not all online providers have high-speed Internet connections. However, this does not mean that watching your favorite ABS-CBN shows are made less enjoyable because of poor Internet connections. The truth is, Pinoy1TV is an ABS-CBN service that is accessible online and is therefore not affected by problems caused by a slow Internet connection. You will also not experience interrupted episodes, missing credits, or interrupted network broadcasting.

The only disadvantage of subscribing to Pinoy1TV online is the monthly subscription cost. This is actually a very reasonable fee considering the convenience that this service brings to the subscriber. One advantage of subscribing to Pinoy1TV online is the fact that one is automatically charged at the same time each month for the service. Subscribers are not subject to sales pressure, since they are provided the choice to subscribe or not. There is no need to pressure anyone with this kind of scenario since there is no legal obligation to subscribe to any service.

Subscribers are assured that they are getting the highest quality broadcast for their money with this online service. It is very easy and convenient to subscribe because one only needs an active email address and a credit card. The process is very simple and easy. In just a matter of minutes, one can be watching the newest ABS-CBN broadcast in the comforts of their home. What is better is that they get to watch their favorite programs whenever they want, anywhere they want to, without the hassles of traveling to the TV set.

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