Planning a Children’s Birthday Party

Planning a Children's Birthday Party

Celebrating a child’s birthday party is important. Making them feel extra special on their birthday is something that you can do when you host a party for them and for their little friends too. However, when you are planning a birthday party, there are lots of things you need to think about and consider to ensure that the day (and party) is as successful as possible.

Thinking About the Venue

To kick off your planning, you must think about where the party will be held. If you are expecting many guests (20+), will your home be big enough to accommodate them and their needs? To hold a successful party, you want to be sure that you have the space for entertaining the children (and other guests) as comfortably as you can. If your home is not big enough or is space is restricted, then why not look at local play centers or local community centers which you can hire.

How Much Will It All Cost

Getting people together for a party costs money. When you are putting together a list of costs, you must remember to account for food, entertainment and presents, and even decorations. Costs for birthday parties can spiral if you are not careful. So, to ensure this does not happen to you, write down the expected costs of the party and write down your budget. It is much easier to keep costs under contro0l if you know what figures you are looking at.

Food. Drink and Sweets

At a birthday party, you will have to provide food, drinks and sweets, and snacks. How much you want to provide top guests is up to you and, of course, dependent on the time of day the party is held. Creating all of the food from scratch can be costly, stressful, and time-consuming. You may want to create sandwiches and finger foods yourself (to keep costs low). However, the cake and sweets can be outsourced. Using a cake maker to bring your vision to life, and even using suppliers of sweets, and arranging for a pick and mix delivery will help to ease a lot of the stress and pressure you may be feeling.


No matter how young or old the guests at the party are, you will need to be sure that you provide suitable entertainment for all. Entertainment could come in the form of dance music, or for little ones, it could come in the shape of their favorite princess or action hero.

Theme For The Party

All good parties will have a theme. Will your children’s party theme be based on princesses, or will it be based on dinosaurs, knights, and castles? When you have a theme in mind, you can then sort out the decorations for the venue.

Who To Invite and When to Send Out Invitations

Who you invite to a children’s birthday party is just as important as anything else you arrange or prepare for the big day. If you invite too many members of your family, you may have to compromise on inviting their friends. Think about the size of your venue, and think about costs spiraling as you add more names to the list. When you have decided who to invite, don’t hang about and get those invites sent out. Give people at least one month’s notice of the party, as this will give them a chance to plan.