Raising Healthy Children: 7 Health Tips for Kids

Raising Healthy Children: 7 Health Tips for Kids

Raising kids is tough. As a parent, it’s your job to worry about their education, their social lives, their emotions, and a whole host of other vitally important elements. It’s a balancing act that can seem hard to pull off at times.

Everyone wants two things for their children: for them to be healthy and happy. This can look like different things for different individual kids, but the basics remain the same. These health tips for kids cover the fundamental things to keep in mind to keep kids smiling and thriving.

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1. Limit Sugar

If you’ve ever tried giving a three-year-old juice after 5 pm, you’ll know that kids and sugar don’t mix well. That’s why it’s smart to keep an eye on—and limit—how much sugar your little one is getting each day. Not only will sugar have them bouncing off the walls, too much of the stuff also puts them at risk for various different diseases.

2. Stay Active

With the present-day ubiquity of iPads, smartphones, and TVs, it can be hard to get kids moving around. The CDC recommends that kids be as active as possible throughout the day and many kids fall short of this. Try taking them for hikes and walks in nature, if you instill a love of the great outdoors early on you’ll be setting them up for success.

3. Sleep Well

One of the most important things for growing kids is adequate amounts of sleep. Sleep heals their bodies and minds and allows them to function better and grow bigger. Most kids need between 9 and 12 hours, but each case is different—if they have trouble nodding off at night, you can try calming vitamins for kids to help them along a little.

4. Keep a Balanced Diet

Aside from restricting sugar, which is important, you should try to encourage as varied and balanced a diet as possible. Try not to label any foods as “bad” as this can create a negative relationship with certain foods. Everything in moderation is a good rule of thumb.

5. Perfect Posture

You may not always notice someone with good posture, but you will definitely notice when someone’s posture is bad. Slouching and slumping when sitting and standing can cause kids to form bad habits. Having good posture has many benefits, from a strong musculoskeletal system to better breathing.

6. Drink More Water

Water is like a magic potion. It regulates body temperature, aids digestion, and can help with blood circulation. Get your kids used to drinking water when they’re thirsty—rather than other flavored drinks.

7. Plan Their Meals

Planning meals allows you to be more thoughtful about what you’re giving your kids—and when. Try to break their food intake into smaller meals and snacks throughout the day, and try to have them eat at the same time every day. You should also try to encourage intuitive eating: only to eat when they’re actually hungry.

Health Tips for Kids

One of the most important health tips for kids to remember is that every kid is different. Follow the above tips, but make sure that they’re working for your kid. Small adjustments can be made to make sure everyone’s happy.

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