Raising the Stakes: What Are Stake Pullers and How Do They Work?

Raising the Stakes: What Are Stake Pullers and How Do They Work?

Do you know what’s a pain in the neck (and back) when doing construction work? It’s pulling stakes from the ground.

Pulling construction stakes isn’t just an annoying obligatory task. If you’re trying to lift it out of the ground with both hands, you’re putting your back at risk of serious injury. According to a BLS survey, lifting accounts for three out of every four lower back injuries endured by more than one million workers each year.

Thankfully, a machine can help you carry out this task without risking your back. Stake pullers can make the job faster and more efficient. More importantly, they can save your back so you can continue to work without injuries.

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What Is a Stake Puller?

Construction stakes are meant to go in the ground. It won’t make sense if a simple tug is enough to pull them out.

The question is, why use your hands if you can get a machine to do it for you?

A stake puller is both a lever and a fulcrum. The force you apply is towards you and down, and the stake puller redirects and multiplies that force upward. You can pull out the stakes off the ground with only a fraction of effort compared to doing it manually.

The best part is that there’s no lifting action that can put your back in serious jeopardy.

How to Use a Stake Puller

Most stake pullers employ simple leverage to accomplish the task.

The mouth or jaw of the puller is usually circular and bites into the rod as you pull down. With the mouth clamped around the body, pushing down on the lever arm will lift the stake a short distance. When you raise the handle back up, the jaw disengages the bite and returns to its initial position, ready for another round.

As you can see, the motion requires minimal effort on your part. With steady, even strokes, you can remove the stake from the ground in no time.

Another advantage of using this device is that it eliminates prep work. There’s no need to dig the ground around the stake or to hammer it to loosen its state of being embedded. All you need is a metal or wooden board to stabilize the base if you’re working on soft earth.

When to Use Stake Pullers

There’s a stake puller for every job. Even if you’re not in the construction field, you’re going to find this tool handy for a wide variety of projects.

For example, you can use it for fence removal if you’re redoing your fence around your home or property. If you’re an outdoorsy type and like to go camping a lot, a tent-stake puller can shorten the time it takes to pack up.

The Best Time to Use a Stake Puller

How do you know when to use a stake puller? Any time that there’s a stake that needs pulling! While you can certainly do it the traditional, back-breaking way, stake pullers will remain your safest option.

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