Reasons Why Pets are Great for Kids

Reasons Why Pets are Great for Kids

Have your kids been begging you for a family pet? While you may not be completely convinced it is the right decision at the current moment, it’s worth noting that there are many benefits of your child owning a pet that you may never have considered.

It’s no secret that becoming a pet owner is a big commitment. When your children are very young, it’s natural to be worried about the long-term duty of inviting an animal into the family. Despite concerns, pets offer a form of companionship like no other – and becoming a pet owner could be a wonderful idea for your child.

Offers Comfort

When children reach a certain age, it’s unlikely they will continue to turn to their teddy bear or blanket as a source of comfort. When they’re feeling particularly afraid, lonely, or upset, a pet is always there as a form of companionship.

The feeling of unconditional love is rarely experienced in children but knowing that they have their furry friend at home to provide affection and attention and even come to understand their emotions is sure to give a sense of calm and contentment.

Promotes Nurturing

Pets give children the opportunity to nurture and care for another being. Pets are highly dependent on humans to provide for them and satisfy their needs. Interestingly, nurturing isn’t a quality that miraculously emerges once humans reach adulthood; it is a skill that must be learned and developed from a very early age.

In the modern world, there is very little opportunity for children to offer that form of nurturing aside from having a pet. Having your child consider the needs of their pet aside from themselves is the first stage to building kindness and empathy.

Teaches Responsibility

Every parent understands the battle of teaching a child responsibility. If you cannot help doing everything for your child, there’s a possibility that they will grow up to lose their independence and become unable to face life’s toughest challenges.

While your child may moan about having to do chores, a pet is a great way to teach them responsibility because they have something else to look after other than themselves. Once your new pet is brought home, it would be advised to register with a recommended veterinary practice such as They could save up their pocket money to pay for vet bills and even accompany you to the practice to learn about how to maintain their pet’s health and wellbeing.

Boosts General Health

Believe it or not, your child could benefit from greater general health by caring for a pet. Studies have shown that by inviting an animal into the home, they are far less likely to suffer from allergies. However, do be aware that some people are actually allergic to animals, so please visit your doctor with your child if you have any concerns.

What’s more, studies show that children are less likely to become sick and develop infections by being exposed to bacteria carried by animals, meaning they could benefit from a stronger immune system.