Reasons Why You Should Consider Ceramic Dental Implants

Reasons Why You Should Consider Ceramic Dental Implants

Dental implants replace lost teeth. Your dentist surgically places the implant into your jawbone and places a crown or denture on top to restore your normal dental functioning. A ceramic dental implant is a new restorative method that suits people sensitive to metal implants or suffering from autoimmune diseases. These implants match the color of your natural teeth so people barely notice you have them. With proper oral hygiene and care, North Houston ceramic dental implants can last for ten years or more. There are many benefits of dental implants and here are some.

Ceramic dental implants are durable

Ceramic dental implants are durable, lasting for ten years or more. Ceramics is a strong material that doctors also use in an orthopedic specialty for hip replacement. But you must take care of your implant to last long. Ensure you practice good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing twice daily. Also, visit your dentist every six months for dental examination and teeth cleaning. If you grind your teeth, a mouth guard can help protect your ceramic crowns. Wearing a mouth guard during sports also helps protect your implants and other dental structures.

The implants are biocompatible

Ceramic dental implants are from an inert, non-conductive, and non-corrosive material making them biocompatible. If you are sensitive to metal implants or experience itchiness or inflammation around the implant site after their placement, ceramic implants are best for you. Ceramic implants are hypoallergenic and do not cause sensitivity or allergic issues.

They are natural and improve a dental smile and look

Missing teeth can destroy your dental appearance, smile, and facial structure. When you lose teeth, your facial appearance changes. Your lips may thin and cheeks look sunken, making you appear older than your age. Ceramic dental implants replace lost teeth restoring your smile and dental and facial look. These implants resemble your teeth’ color so people hardly notice you have any dental restoration. The ceramic implant appears natural and does not show through your gum tissue.

They are easy to clean and healthier

Ceramic dental implants are easy to clean. You do not require any special cleaning agents or tools. You just brush and floss them twice daily just like your natural teeth. These implants are corrosion-resistant and do not cause gum staining like titanium implants. Also, they are healthier because they do not attract plaque like titanium implants. The implants also promote better blood circulation around them, enhancing faster healing and healthy soft tissue.

Ceramic implants are stable and promote osseointegration

Ceramic dental implants are stable and permanent. Your bone fuses with implants, locking them firmly in place, so they can never move around. They are also designed to promote optimal osseointegration. Osseointegration means bone can grow around your implant just like it does in natural teeth roots. When you lose teeth, your jawbone deteriorates gradually over time. Ceramic implants promote osseointegration, preventing jawbone deterioration.

Ceramic dental implants replace missing teeth. They are helpful if you are sensitive to metal implants or have an autoimmune condition. They are also durable, natural-looking, biocompatible, easy to clean, and restore your dental appearance and smile. Schedule an appointment at Advance Dental for ceramic dental implant placement to replace your lost teeth.