Role Of Physiotherapy In Accident Re-Habilitation

Role Of Physiotherapy In Accident Re-Habilitation

It is a fact that millions of daily accidents occur worldwide, especially car accidents. Some of them can be simple collisions but some of them are fatal. These accidents can cause serious health issues that can affect for a long time and they do need attention at the proper time.

Sometimes, a small collision is often ignored as it is not showing any effect. For that too, a proper diagnosis is required to avoid future consequences. According to Massage Therapy Kanata, it is important to visit a doctor after an accident if you start feeling stiffness, pain, or discomfort even after a long time from the accident.

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The conditions and injuries caused by accidents:

Physiotherapy helps in treating almost all kinds of injuries from car accidents. The two most common forms of injuries are:

a. Whiplash: 

When an accident occurs, your body is suddenly jerked. In this situation, your neck is generally whipped back and forth. This whipping can injure the soft tissues, ligaments, tendons, and joints in your neck. If the whipping is hard, you may experience-

  1. Neck pain
  2. Stiffness
  • Restricted mobility

You may experience these symptoms even after many days of the accident and can become serious with time.

b. Concussion And Other Traumatic Brain Injuries:

Concussion which generally occurs due to a strong blow on the head due to collision may show symptoms like:

  1. Memory issue
  2. Nausea
  • Vomiting
  1. Concentration issues

When your head bumps during the collision, it creates lots of damage. It makes it difficult for brain cells to function and communicate. Normally, the symptoms may last a week but may vary according to the severity of the accident.

Physiotherapy: A Great Help In Accidents

Physiotherapy is a kind of treatment that is normally taken to comfort sports injuries. But it is beneficial in case of accidents also which helps in removing stiffness, restoring and preventing future injuries in the same place to be less painful. It normally includes treatments on the injured places like:

  1. Acupuncture
  2. Hot and cold pack massage
  3. Exercise

Injuries like whiplash and concussion can be treated in the following ways:

a. Support quicker recoveries and prevent long-term damage-

Stiffness, loss of balance, loss of motion, and chronic pains are some problems that may fade with time. Physiotherapy is a treatment that increases the recovery speed. After a few types of accidents, doctors make it compulsory to have physiotherapy to avoid future consequences.

b. Avoid invasive surgeries:

In some cases of accidents, surgery is important. However, there can be cases in which the patient can be treated only through physiotherapy sessions. This treatment has many methods which can protect the patient from invasive surgeries. Even if the patient has to take surgery, physiotherapy helps in quicker recovery from the same.

The important things to remember during the therapy sessions:

After the accident, your body may face different challenges. So, during therapies, Glebe Physiotherapy suggests you few precautions. The most important one is to maintain good posture and don’t loosen your body while sitting, standing, or even sleeping. It is also important to do the prescribed exercises on time without missing any session.