SEO: How Does Optimization Work?

SEO: How Does Optimization Work?

SEO optimization is an integral part of your internet marketing strategy. Let’s say you have a website. But no one will see him if he is far from the first pages of the issue. If the pages are displayed incorrectly on smartphones, you will lose some of your potential customers. Without high-quality content in the target audience’s interests, you will not be able to attract a loyal audience. The main goal of รับทำ SEO optimization is to bring the site to the first position in the search and constantly improve it to attract new customers.


SEO optimization is a set of measures to improve the position of a site in the search results. Yandex, Google, and other search engines rank Internet resources according to specific algorithms. If the site does not match them, it goes to the farthest positions in the search results. The point of ranking is for users to find the information they need from the first links.

A search engine is a specific search engine algorithm, which consists of:

  • a robot for collecting information from all Internet resources;
  • an indexer for ranking sites;
  • a graphical search engine – the search bar and interface that the user sees.

To find the information you need, the user enters a specific query into the search box – a keyword, a phrase. The search engine finds pages of sites with keywords, synonyms, and relevant information to answer a question. But this is not enough to bring an Internet resource to the top of the search results.


Make a wordpress site (ทำเว็บไซต์ WordPress) user-friendly and contains content that matches the request. Neural networks generate results in a split second, taking into account a considerable number of factors. Among them, there are three main groups:

  • External factors – citation of your site by other Internet resources. The number and quality of links to the site, posted on other sites, affect the site’s weight. Moreover, each page has its link weight.
  • Behavioral – the behavior of site visitors. If visitors come in and immediately leave, it will harm the rankings and vice versa. If visitors do not go directly, stay on the page for a long time, move from it to other sections, the search engine believes that the content is attractive to the audience.
  • Internal factors – everything inside the site (structure, content, etc.) and meta tags.

The main internal factors that affect the position of the site:

The site of sections and pages relevant to thematic groups of “keys” from the semantic core.

  • It is loading speed and adaptability of pages to any device – smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops.
  • The quality and originality of content – text, pictures, videos.
  • Compliance of content on the page with requests.
  • Optimization of meta tags (Title, Description).
  • User data protection – the site works through the HTTPS protocol.

The click-through rate of links in the SERP also plays a role. Your links from the search engine should be followed more often than those of your competitors. One way to improve click-through rates is to highlight the snippet. How to do it: