Shuttle Services; Golf Cart or, Golf Car, which is Better for Your Needs?

Shuttle Services; Golf Cart or, Golf Car, which is Better for Your Needs?

If you run a business in Thailand and are looking for a cost-effective way to get your goods or, perhaps, your customers from one place to another, then an electric golf cart or, golf car could be just what you are after but, aren’t they the same thing? As it turns out, the answer is, no. They work in the same way when it comes to how they move, using an electric motor, wheels, a steering wheel, and seats, but, there is a major difference between the two and that is practicality;

Your purpose

You might be asking yourself, what are the practical differences between the two. Well, the answer to that question really depends upon what you want to achieve or what you hope to gain from using the machine. Perhaps, defining the two would be a good place to start.

Golf cart

Generally speaking, the term ‘golf cart’ is used within the industry to describe an electrical golf cart that has 2 seats and is designed to meet the needs of golfers. They offer superb power-to-weight ratio performance and are perfect for driving around a golf course of between 18-36 holes.

They are also waterproof and are equipped, ‘as standard’ with things like golf club storage, space for a sand bucket and rake as well as having an overhead canopy to protect the users from the sun.  If you have ever played golf in the sun, then you will know precisely how important sun protection can be, in fact, it can be a lifesaver.

Golf car

A golf car, on the other hand, is designed for multipurpose use, they can have as many as 22 seats and are used in a wide range of industries for a variety of reasons. Golf cars are most popular in the hospitality and real estate industries because of their versatility. Let’s consider that you run a hotel or, are in the business of real estate and, you regularly need to go from one end of a complex to the other, would you walk or would you drive?  And what about your clients?

With the use of a golf car or electric car, you could save a lot of time and money when compared to walking or ferrying people around in your car which probably only has 5 seats in total anyhow or 4, including you. The overall arching purpose of a golf car is to provide an additional level of customer service, whether that be to help you transport heavy goods or a large number of people safely from one place to another and, in a cost-effective manner.

If you’re considering using a golf car for your business needs in Thailand and looking to indulge in your passion for golf as well, you might also want to explore the option of finding cheap Masters tickets to experience the excitement of one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world.

Do I need any special equipment?

Thankfully not, which is another reason why golf carts and golf cars are such good value for money. You can customize your golf car which may be really useful if you have specific requirements such as the need for removable seats, inward or outward opening and closing doors, no doors at all, additional storage that can be adjusted, additional headlights or heavy-duty bumpers.