Class 6 is the next step up from what you’ve been learning so far. Especially, Maths takes an evolutionary step when it reaches Class 6th. A slew of new topics is introduced to students. These new chapters are considered to be very important, as students progress through the classes, these topics become more difficult and vital for their boards. Students will have a difficult time understanding complex chapters in higher classes if they do not pay attention to enhance their basic concepts.

To make learning easier, below are provided with some smart and effective hacks that you should try to make your concepts as well as your scores better.

  • Begin from important chapters– The term “important chapter” refers to the chapters that are most likely to cover a significant portion of the exam. Select the chapters that you believe are most important and begin preparing them. Important and difficult chapters are recommended to be prepared earlier so that if you finish them ahead of schedule, you will have enough time to finish the rest of the syllabus and revise the entire subject.

The major goal of your study should not be to finish the syllabus on time but to thoroughly understand all of the subjects. It would be a horrible idea to save the most crucial chapters for last. Since you won’t have enough time to study, by the time the exam approaches you will try to mug up everything and it will create a lot of chaos inside your mind.

  • Note-making- This is known as one of the wonderful strategies to score good grades. Maths is a subject filled with a myriad of theories and formulae. You cannot expect your mind to hold on to so many crucial concepts till the day of the exam. And therefore, you need proper notes of every chapter that can help you to revise the concepts from time to time. You can dedicate a notebook for Maths and start preparing notes in an organized manner.

These notes should not be overly long but precisely written. If you add too much information in your notes, it will make a mess out of it and will not be helpful during revisions. Give your notes an appealing look by adding some colors to them.

  • NCERT questions- If you are a CBSE student, you should probably stick to NCERT Maths Textbook. The questions given at the end of each chapter will help you to strengthen your concepts thoroughly. You will get an idea of how to apply basic concepts to various problems by practicing them regularly.

These NCERT books are the foundation of your preparations. You can also take help from NCERT Maths book class 6 solutions pdf free download if in case you need assistance in solving any problem from NCERT Math textbook.

  • Memorize tables and divisibility tests- You would have heard your teachers tell you from an early age that you should remember the tables by heart. You may not realize the significance at first, but as you progress through secondary school, you will notice that they genuinely assist you in solving difficulties.

Also, if you know the divisibility tests from 1 to 10, you’ll have no trouble solving the questions, especially those that require division. It makes it easier for you to learn Maths and improves your problem-solving skills. Every student considers this to be a beneficial hack. It saves a lot of time and makes answering any question much easier.

  • Continuous practice- Maths is impossible to master without practice. You are mistaken if you believe you can mug up all the equations and theories and yet get good grades. Math is more than memorizing formulas and theories. You should be able to apply these formulae and theories. You won’t be able to answer any questions unless you comprehend the fundamental concept of application. Since you won’t be able to predict the types of questions you’ll be asked in tests, therefore, you need several practices beforehand to make sure that you are able to solve any type of question that comes in the exam.
  • Get rid of doubts- Doubts are meant to be cleared. It is quite understandable to have a number of doubts in Maths. But you should focus on getting rid of all the doubts then and there. If doubts sustain in your mind, it will hamper your learning and as a result, you won’t be able to figure out the right solution to the questions in the exam. The moment you realize that you are not able to understand a particular topic, ask your teacher about it. Keep asking until and unless you finally feel that you are able to understand the concept. Most of the time students don’t pay attention to their doubts and forget to clear them. Doing so, you are definitely asking for big trouble.
  • Proper division of time- Time management plays a vital role in the life of students. Your time is quite precious and so you should be able to segregate your studies as well as other activities properly. Give enough time to each activity. Spending the whole day studying continuously can also be harmful to your mental health. Give your mind the break it needs. Indulge yourself in other recreational activities, so that your mind remains fresh and you can concentrate on your studies more effectively.
  • Practice diagrams thoroughly- Class 6 Maths brings along some new concepts of practical geometry as well. This chapter might look easy but needs sufficient practice. As you are introduced to new tools to make shapes and figures, you should practice drawing them regularly. A single inch of mistake in the diagram can cause losing marks.
  • Special techniques to learn Maths- There is an abundance of tips and tricks which you can use to learn Maths even more effectively. A lot of students face difficulty in memorizing certain formulae. For this, there is a technique known as the Mnemonic technique, which helps you to learn these formulae easily by making them into a phrase or a visual. This makes it easy for students to remember the formulae or theories and is proven to be effective.