Softshell fabrics

Softshell fabrics

Among the fabric options, Tepastex produces, softshell fabrics, which have the feature of keeping warm and used for durable clothing, are of very high quality.

This type of fabric, which is produced by combining fabric, membrane, and fleece type fabrics, is very important in terms of the use of production style.

We supply the type of fabric we use in the clothing industry through Tepastex. The cutting and sewing processes of these fabrics, which have a flexible structure compared to other brands, are more comfortable. In this way, we can provide the opportunity to work on every model. Fabric options are available in different thicknesses.

The content of this fabric, which is obtained by combining layers depending on the production method, is also important for us.

The flexibility, fleece thickness, bonding method and content of the product they use, as well as the yarn used and the way of weaving, shape the products we produce on a large scale.

These fabrics, which are suitable for use in the winter months, must have a waterproof structure.

Thanks to Tepastex, we prepare products that are resistant to harsh weather conditions and do not spill.

Since the softshell fabrics of the company are produced in a structure resistant to 10000 mm water pressure, they are waterproof. It offers selections based on needs with quite different models, patterns, and color options. In addition to being waterproof, it also adds comfort to winter clothes with its airtight feature.

Tepastex company has a large flea market in the world as well as in our country. Its production quality enables it to be among the leading companies based on years of experience.

You can get support from the call center for any general or technical information about the products, and you can get detailed information about the products from the website.



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