Surprising facts about digital printing

Surprising facts about digital printing

Digital printing is one of the most popular services in printing. It is ordered daily by various companies, mostly advertising agencies. But designers, manufacturers of decor items, accessories and other things also apply. Digital printing in BSPROMO is widespread in many countries of the world.

But what do we even know about it, other than that it exists? For most people who have heard of this imaging technology, it seems like a boring and uninteresting field. Nevertheless, there are some entertaining facts.

5 interesting facts

  1. Digital printing came before computers. Unbelievable? But it’s true. Especially since computers weren’t even needed for this purpose. The image transfer process was carried out with a special electrographic print, the prototype of today’s digital printer. This technology was originally called xerography, and the first device capable of performing it was the Xerox.
  2. Digital printing does not refer to one particular technology, but to several:
  • Xerography, which, in turn, also has divisions;
  • Full-color printing using laser and inkjet printers;
  • Thermal, in which the transfer is carried out by exposure to high temperatures.
  • And each type requires its own equipment.
  1. Digital printing is the most popular. This is explained very simply. The fact that large print shops capable of acquiring the most varied equipment – not so much. But there are many more small printing centers with limited budgets. Equipment for digital printing is cheaper, and in general it is more profitable compared to other methods of transferring the image. The speed of printing is also high. In other words, together, small and medium-sized printing centers can provide more affordable services to customers, and fast at that. Digital printing is used to produce stands such as ROLL UP.
  2. Digital printing is the most versatile and convenient. A wide range of materials can be used as media. It is also worth noting the possibility of making changes in the layout at any stage of image creation. That is, you do not have to rebuild equipment in case you find a typo on the poster.
  3. Digital printing is used for reproductions of famous paintings. It is this technology allows to reproduce all colors and shades, as well as high accuracy and detail of the images and also produces portable constructions with flags called Fly banner – Banderolas Publicitarias


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