Heal Your Tattoo With High-Quality Ointments

Heal Your Tattoo With High-Quality Ointments
Heal Your Tattoo With High-Quality Ointments

A good tattoo artist always educates his or her clients about the after-care of tattoos. You spend your hard-earned money on a tattoo that speaks your personality. You must discuss the strict regimen for takinheal your tattoo, tattoo care of the tattoo with your tattoo artist to avoid infections, itching, skin irritations, etc. A tattoo is nothing but a fresh wound; hence it requires great care and attention. Tattoos are prone to infections and scarring. Especially, people who are prone to allergies would face a lot of problems in after-care. But if you take good care and use the best tattoo ointment, you will never face skin allergies.

Explore the list of ointments used for after-care of tattoos whether old or new to avoid any skin problems for a lifetime. Tattoo ointments that are recommended by dermatologists are vegan, natural, and herbal.


Top 4 essentials for tattoo ointments

Butter ointment for tattoos

Butter ointments are used by artists as a lubricant with stencils. During the process of tattoo-making, it works best as a healing ointment. It is also very effective for aftercare that keeps the skin soft, restores the color, and keeps the shine intact. The ointment is the safest for the skin as it’s free from parabens and petroleum. The butter ointment is formula-based that includes shea butter, aloe vera, mango butter, coconut, Vitamin E, and sunflower oils, rosemary, etc. The ointment results are magical as it is very effective in reducing the redness and irritation on the skin after tattoo-making. In the longer run, it avoids infection and itching.


After-care salve

A salve is a medical ointment used to smoothen the surface of the body. Tattoo salves are great for healing tattoos. The salves are multipurpose for all skin types; it can also be used for sunburns and chapped lips. Even if you are going outdoors, you can apply it to your tattoo as it does not stain your clothes. The after-care salves are free of lanolin, mineral oil, or petroleum that can block your pores and suffocate your skin. Instead, the ingredients are natural substances like beeswax, olive oil, cocoa butter, lavender, rosemary, Vitamin E, etc.


Essential oils ointment

Some of the best essential oils that are scientifically proven for tattoo after-care are helichrysum oil, myrrh oil, lavender oil, and frankincense oil.

  • Helichrysum oil – This oil is anti-microbial and antiseptic that fights against harmful bacteria. It has anti-inflammatory properties that heal the swelling and itching on the skin.
  • Frankincense oil – The oil is effective in healing infections.
  • Myrrh oil – Myrrh oil is an antiseptic that fights the harmful bacteria and stops bleeding if a new tattoo is applied. It maintains the skin’s natural ability and heals skin irritations.
  • Lavender oil – It is a natural pain reliever that eases the physical pain and discomfort when a fresh tattoo is made. It has a decent SPF that protects it from sun damage.


Tattoo ointment after removing the bandage

You can use a tattoo ointment as soon as you remove the bandage that includes sea buckthorn, anti-oxidants, and fatty acids. It can be used up to three to five times a day.